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About us

Ripplecom delivers telecoms and IT security that really work for business. Licensed by the Commission for Communications Regulation (ComReg) and accredited by Engineers Ireland, Ripplecom is an approved framework provider to the Irish government and a leading supplier to businesses nationwide.

Meet the team

Our expert team carefully integrates connectivity, voice and security solutions optimised with our own award-winning technology. Our commitment to personal and responsive service guarantees positive and long-standing partnerships with our customers. Working together, we will enhance your communications, empower your operations and protect your business.


The fast talkers.

Your wish is their command. They’re all ears. They are here to listen and to tell you if, how and when it can be done. They are all talk, but we promise it is clear, uncomplicated and informative. They only speak techie on special occasions, when it’s exactly what your IT Department needs to hear.

Service delivery

The organised ones.

Keeping everything on track and everyone on their toes to get your service fully installed and operational as soon as (super)humanly possible. Managing the vans, the equipment, our people and yours to make sure everyone is where they need to be at the time they are supposed to be there.

Field engineers

Our man in a van.

A multi-talented team of technicians, riggers and electricians. Covering the country, scaling towers, climbing ladders, traversing rooves. Head in the clouds. Tyres on the road. Hands-on, thinking on their feet; surveying, installing and repairing to make sure you receive the service you need.

Customer service

The front line.

Always happy to help. A telephone manner their mammy would be proud of. Greater investigative powers than the average amateur sleuth. Generally, more knowledgeable about what is going on than all the rest of us put together. If in doubt, ask them. We do.

Tech support

The whizz kids.

If you promise that you have really and truly tried turning it off and back on again, then and only then will these guys unleash their magic powers. Total experts in remote troubleshooting, they can talk you through almost anything for speedy resolution. If the issue defeats their considerable powers, they will dispatch the Field Team to take a look in person.

Network engineers

The big guns.

The brains of the operation (just don’t tell them we said that). Designing, configuring and advising on how to achieve the impossible. Or, at least, the difficult. More than a touch of ingenuity. Treating our network like a first-born child, on call 365 days a year should their baby need them. Special talent: thinking outside the box.


The ones paying our wages.

Dotting the i’s, crossing the t’s and keeping us all on the straight and narrow. Ensuring invoicing is accurate, correct and easily comprehensible. Paying the suppliers. Keeping the lights on. Did we mention our wages?

Talk to us

Please telephone 061 500250, email or submit a contact form.

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