What impressed me most, was the proactive approach of the Ripplecom team to listen and quickly understand our business requirements and then, structure a solution that was tailored specifically for us. The Ripplecom staff including the sales, engineering and support teams were skilled and competent and delivered a telephony solution that met the needs of our business. At all times during the procurement process, it was more like the development of a long term business to business relationship, rather than a one-off transactional event. We look forward to growing this business to business relationship as each of our businesses grow in the future.

Ripplecom's connectivity solutions have helped us roll out a number of initiatives concerning internet, mobile and cloud technologies. We would now view Ripplecom as a key enabler to our business and a key strategic partner with respect to our long term ICT strategy.

Ripplecom provided a dedicated point to point licensed radio link to our remote North Cork location. The project management and flow of information throughout the installation process was extremely professional and efficient. This dedicated link is essential to the growth of our business and the running of our key day to day applications, e.g. phones, call centre, data, truck tracking and billing.