How To Minimise The Risk Of Cyber Attacks In Your Business

15 May, 2017 Time 5:05 pm

By now most businesses will have heard of the latest worldwide Cyber Attack that commenced last Friday which crippled much of the NHS in the UK and another 200,000 business in over 150 countries. Is your business ready to mitigate the effects of such an attack? Whilst it’s impossible to completely eliminate the risk 100%, there are several practical steps that can be taken to ensure you are well prepared to minimise the impact of any breach.

Below are some steps as recommended by Ripplecom’s own security experts:

• A robust and scalable network design is key. Legacy equipment and internal departments should be isolated and fire-walled within the LAN to ensure that any outbreaks are contained.
• Ensure that backups are regularly taken, preferably with snapshots so that the encrypted files don’t simply replace already backed up files.
• Email filtering rules should be in place that block malicious attachments but every business should also have a system whereby potentially malicious emails are flagged for approval before getting to the end user.
• User education is another really important point. Staff should be made aware of what to look out for and what a suspicious mail or attachment looks like.
• Relying on anti-virus software or a firewall on its own, is not enough to protect a business. A clear and effective strategy with a layered approach to security is necessary.

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