Robust connectivity critical for Irish retailers

20 November, 2017 Time 10:52 am

Q. Does your local Centra have much in common with Amazon?

A. More than you think.

Supermarkets, pharmacies, florists, boutiques… Irish retailers of all shapes and sizes are far more connected than they first appear.

E-commerce giants and offline heroes

Shops are well drilled in the benefits of e-commerce. Online spend by EU consumers will reach 602 billion euros by the end of the year 1. Over a quarter of Irish consumers (26% 2) would go straight to a competitor if they couldn’t buy online from their favourite shop and 68% think a business appears “outdated” if they don’t have an online presence 3.

Yet 22% of Irish SMEs remain completely offline 4.

So, does that mean that a reliable, resilient internet connection is not an issue for 22% of Irish business?


Business-critical connectivity

Internet is business critical for retail. Not in a once-off, Black Friday, Cyber Monday kind of way and not just in the realm of e-commerce giants like eBay and Asos. Our brick and mortar shops are a hive of connectivity:

• PoS Systems

Relatively quick and inexpensive to install, cloud-based Point of Sale systems are operated by more and more Irish shops. Centralised set up and management makes them particularly popular among shops with more than one premises.

• Credit Card Payments

Payment terminals need a connection to operate and with no cold hard cash in our wallets, 43% of Irish consumers will avoid a shop that does not accept cards 5.

• Communications

A service disruption will take down email, online ordering and social media. Depending on your system, and the cause of the outage, it could also cut your telephone making it impossible for frustrated customers to contact you, or for you to respond.

• Critical Applications

Inventory management, HACCP food safety monitoring systems, payroll, invoicing, accounting packages and even basic office software like spreadsheets are just some of the systems that may require a connection.

Counting the cost of disruption

A disruption to your service therefore means missed sales, disgruntled customers, idle employees and lost revenue but network faults are outside of any individual shop’s control and impossible to predict. So, what can retailers, owners and managers do to protect their livelihoods?

Talk to Ripplecom about our solution

Ripplecom has designed an ingenious and cost-effective way to keep Irish retailers connected. By integrating our autofailover into your connection, we guarantee that when a disruption occurs, your internet switches quickly from a primary to a secondary line.

Engineered in-house by our expert team, our autofailover ensures that connected systems and devices continue to operate normally when an outage occurs. In fact, because Ripplecom’s conjoined networks are uniquely designed to continue in the same IP stream, our failover is so seamless that ongoing credit card transactions will complete, telephone conversations will continue leaving your customers, and even your employees, unaware that anything has happened.

Interested in keeping your connection safe and resilient?

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