Three telltale signs you should take our call

16 January, 2018 Time 10:27 am

Whatever your priorities for the year ahead- the big IT project, the resolution to replace the ancient phone system, the plan to 'make a plan' for resilience or security- we would love to talk to you about how the team at Ripplecom can help with Data, Voice, Security and Resilience.

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Three telltale signs you should find ten minutes for a call with us:

A thumping telecom headache? Time to talk to Ripplecom

1. A thumping telecom headache

Other providers offer you 'out of the box' products and standard plans. Any added requirements become a HUGE headache or a massive cost. A team of clever (even if they say so themselves) in-house engineers means that Ripplecom are more capable- and more flexible- than ‘big name’ providers. We can deliver what you actually need- without any of the typical hold-ups and glitches.

An off the grid address? Time to talk to Ripplecom

2. An off-the-grid address

Because we work with companies in every corner of Ireland, we know that connectivity challenges are alive and well. Our radio network delivers a robust, business-quality connection in parts of the country where fibre is still a pipe dream.

Total aversion to hold music? Time to talk to Ripplecom

3. A total aversion to hold music

Most of the businesses who come to us are sick and tired of struggling with unresponsive customer service systems and unresolved issues. To us, you are not just another client account or ticket in the queue. From a dedicated corporate support line to a field team strategically located nationwide, everything in our operation is designed to respond, quickly and efficiently, to your needs.

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