Rethinking Retail Connectivity: Ripplecom at the Retail Excellence Retreat

15 May, 2018 Time 12:35 pm

Over the next 48 hours, 2,000 delegates will attend the Retail Retreat 2018 at Citywest Hotel and Convention Centre in Dublin. Ripplecom is delighted to be attending the retreat in partnership with Radius Technologies, a Retail Excellence Ireland Gold Partner.

Head of Product with Ripplecom, John Regan, is looking forward to the event. He is convinced that the company’s connectivity and Orion autofailover offerings fit perfectly with the ‘Rethinking Retail’ expo aim of arming “delegates with insights required to deal with today’s challenges so they can survive and thrive in the industry”.

Orion was designed with retailers in mind, to protect them in a new cloud-based reality. Orion will keep retail outlets online and operating, with no disruption to trading even in the midst of a major network outage. That level of resilient connectivity is business critical in an age of instant communications, contactless payments and customers who simply will not wait in line if systems are down.”

Why connectivity is business critical for retail:

Cloud-based essential applications
Irish retailers have moved much more than their databases and emails to the cloud. Take a look around: Point of Sale software, inventory and food safety systems, payroll, invoicing and even basic office software may all require a network connection to operate. As a result, an outage or fault would bring most retailers shuddering to a standstill within seconds.

Communication black out
If email, online ordering and social media all go down, frustrated customers will find it difficult to get in touch- and the retailer will find it equally challenging to respond. And customers demand a response. More Irish enterprises use social media than almost any of our EU counterparts 1 and when social media users reach out, they expect a response within an hour 2.

Counting the cost
Disruptions are a huge liability in terms of missed business opportunities and failure to deliver efficient service and quick responses can have long term consequences for customer goodwill. Research shows that 79% of customers will move to a competitor with one week of experiencing what they deem ‘poor customer service’ 3.

Take control of your connectivity with Orion by Ripplecom
Service disruptions and network faults are outside of your control and impossible to predict but Ripplecom is now offering retailers across Ireland a cost-effective solution that will help them to avoid these disasters. Each Orion by Ripplecom autofailover is created with two network connections- one primary and one secondary. Usually, all traffic uses the primary connection but when an outage strikes, all connected systems and devices switch quickly and smoothly to the secondary line. Once the main connection is restored, traffic switches back to the primary route. The failover is so seamless, customers are blissfully unaware that an outage has occurred.

Secure payments and card transactions
Our autofailover is uniquely designed to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream. This valuable feature allows VoIP calls and card transactions to continue for a truly seamless switchover. It is also the most secure failover on the market with segregated ports to help you stay PCI compliant, so you can continue to process payments as usual. Visit us online to read more about why Orion by Ripplecom is the best autofailover for retailers.

Peace of mind for busy retailers
Adopting an Orion by Ripplecom autofailover means peace of mind for owners and managers who can relax in the knowledge that, when an outage does occur, their business will stay securely connected and operational.

To find out exactly what is involved in achieving the ultimate service availability for your business, please contact Ripplecom on 061 500250, email or visit

  1.  2016 statistics rank Ireland as second only to Malta. 


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