Tech Pro Magazine: Winner’s Profile

19 June, 2018 Time 11:18 am

Q&A with John McDonnell, Managing Director

This Q&A was featured in the June 2018 issue of Tech Pro magazine.

Tell us about Ripplecom
Ripplecom is a telecommunications company, providing connectivity and voice solutions to businesses nationwide. Our skilled in-house engineering team develops innovative products like the Orion autofailover that enhance our customers’ operations.

Our award-winning entry focused on the value-added service the Orion autofailover brought to our channel partner, Radius Technologies, a busy IT services provider.

The project: Orion by Ripplecom
Engineered in-house and unique to us, Orion is a clever, compact and cost-effective autofailover. Orion leverages our core and access network expertise to provide customers with two physically diverse WAN pipes to the internet with truly seamless automatic failover in the event of an outage of the primary connection.

Connectivity that is truly ‘always-on’
With more and more connected devices and a huge migration of critical applications to the cloud, Irish businesses have very little tolerance for downtime. Service disruptions due to network faults are outside of any IT company’s control but they still have an impact on customer trust. When a provider like Radius can guarantee their customers’ connectivity, they gain an outstanding market advantage. Operationally, Orion’s uptime, remote monitoring and automatic deployment translate into a huge cost saving to IT companies servicing their customers.

Peace of mind for ‘cloud-shy’ customers
As Radius knows, and any cloud-based services provider will discover, Orion is the perfect antidote for the cloud-shy. For most owners and managers tempted to make the move to the cloud, the fear of potential loss of service due to network outage is the biggest obstacle. Orion gives potential customers that additional peace of mind, thus clearing the path for providers to close the deal.

Why did you win?
The Tech Excellence Awards recognised Orion’s pioneering potential to deliver meaningful resilience at a price point that makes network redundancy accessible to the SME market for the first time. On top of speed, security, minimal installation and sensitive pricing, a few key features make Orion’s technology truly transformational:

1. Guaranteed access to applications
Using two diverse paths- one by land and one by air- Orion keeps customers connected to all vital applications, even amid a major outage.

2. Same IP stream
Orion is uniquely engineered to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream for truly seamless failover.

3. Full monitoring and reporting
Both connections are remotely monitored, and a customised report is issued whenever the failover is deployed.

Ripplecom is seeking channel partners with the capacity and expertise to bring Orion to the thousands of businesses across Ireland who would benefit from always-on connectivity. For the right companies, this is a readymade opportunity to grow a profitable, sustainable business line with immediate returns.

We are interested in meeting channel partners who will bring our winning project to more businesses nationwide.

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