Backup Your Data And Other Cloud App Files Directly To Our Cloud2Cloud Backup

Are you using cloud tools to collaborate on mission-critical data apps like Microsoft Office 365, Salesforce or Google Apps? Did you know that the responsibility for securing and backing up that data rests entirely with you, not with the cloud service provider?

Although cloud services like Microsoft 365, and Google Apps generally perform backups of your data, those backups are for the vendors benefit and not a requirement of their agreement with you. You need a solution that puts you in control of your cloud data, one that continues to protect your data even after you are no longer using the cloud app.

With Ripplecom’s Cloud2Cloud provided by our partner KeepItSafe, you can secure all of your data in the cloud, from individual files to entire databases. This gives you complete control of your backup data, retention and archive periods on Office 365 and all other apps.

The Cloud2Cloud, online backup provides the optimal solution ensuring all of your data, whether it is on-premise or in the cloud, is securely protected 24/7 at local data centres.

  • Automatic backup of Office 365 and other cloud apps
  • Guaranteed secure storage in our Data Centres
  • Uses the same account as your online backup
  • 24/7 emergency support
  • Control your cloud backups, retention and archive periods

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