Secure your business with the most comprehensive threat defence system you can

Our Premium Security offering leverages the latest advances in next generation firewall technology and zero day threat detection techniques developed by Juniper Networks. It offers a comprehensive and advanced threat defence intelligence solution. Your business will get fast, effective protection from all known cyber threats. The extensive suite of Standard and Enhanced Security features are included, as well as the following state of the art features:

Spotlight Secure Threat Intelligence - Provides actionable threat defence intelligence

  • Command and control threats (Botnets)
  • GeoIP location information
  • High capacity
  • Open and scalable
  • Custom feeds for other threat intelligence
  • Effective and adaptive


    Sky Advanced Threat Protection - Cloud based advanced anti-malware service

  • Cloud based network sandbox
  • Evasive malware identification
  • Protection against unknown and zero day network threats
  • Inline detection and blocking
  • Rich analytics and reporting

    Software Defined Secure Networking (SDSN) - Defence across your entire network against external, internal and lateral threats

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