Ripplecom Business Voice
Ripplecom offers a highly functional, modern business voice platform built on the latest Voice over IP Technology (VoIP), delivering both increased voice functionality and savings to your business. This platform can deliver full corporate PBX functionality via a cloud hosted solution or an on-premise device. Our voice platform can also provide full contact centre functionality which can cost effectively scale from just a handful of call agents up to large scale call centres with hundreds of agents.
Our voice service is managed end to end by our team of highly trained voice engineers and our resilient cloud hosted solution spans multiple data centres located within the Ripplecom core network. We route our customers voice traffic from their offices to the national telephony network via this state of the art core network. This enhanced routing platform ensures our customers voice traffic is never sent across the public internet. In addition, Ripplecom utilises QoS to prioritise all telephony calls to enhance call quality. This added security and call quality differentiates Ripplecom from generic VoIP providers who provide services via unrelated third-party internet connections, where no service provider has responsibility for the totality of the service.  In addition to the best call quality in the industry, Ripplecom also delivers considerable cost savings through extremely competitive call bundles and rates.

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