Ripplecom Security

With the increasing threat of cyber-attack leading to potentially severe short term costs (e.g. ransomware) and longer term reputational damage, not to mention upcoming legislative changes (i.e. GDPR) with severe penalties for non-compliance, having a robust cyber security solution in place is becoming an essential service for all businesses large and small.
Ripplecom now offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to combat this threat. Built on Juniper Networks technology, our tailored security solutions offer everything from an entry level managed firewall up to and including the latest techniques for detecting and combating evasive malware and so called zero day threats. As well as protecting your network perimeter from inbound threats, our solution can also detect and pinpoint existing malware within your network and thus limit the damage it can do before it’s removed or cleaned up. All relevant information will be provided in weekly or monthly reports with graphical representation that’s easy to understand. Our security solutions can be delivered via an on premise device or as a cloud hosted service depending on the requirements and preferences of our customers.

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