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Retail’s Nightmare Before Christmas


Picture the scene. It’s a Saturday, days before Christmas, in a busy outlet in a crowded shopping centre in the city suburbs. Shoppers queue up, weighed down by bags, arms filled with more purchases. One till attendant beckons to her colleague. Worry etched on both faces. The line is getting longer.

Retail’s Nightmare Before Christmas2019-10-10T08:50:18+00:00

Orion by Ripplecom: white paper launched


This brief white paper is a great introduction for IT professionals eager to learn more about the development and configuration of our Orion autofailover. Orion by Ripplecom is a unique and innovative failover designed in-house by our team of engineers and selected as an IT Project of the Year by the Tech Excellence Awards.

Orion by Ripplecom: white paper launched2019-10-10T08:42:42+00:00

PAYE Modernisation: connecting the real time regime


January payday. Possibly the most eagerly anticipated date of the new year for employees. Probably the first meaningful engagement with Revenue’s real-time reporting for many finance teams. ‘PAYE modernisation’ became an operational reality on 1 January 2019. Month-end looms as the litmus test of the new regime for everyone running monthly payrolls.

PAYE Modernisation: connecting the real time regime2019-01-23T16:52:49+00:00