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What’s so scary about working from home? Facing the security risks


Thousands of Irish workers are set to continue to work from home for a considerable time to come. Employers who were traditionally cautious of remote working have embraced the phenomenon. However evidence suggests they were right to be wary though not perhaps for the reasons they thought.

What’s so scary about working from home? Facing the security risks2020-06-10T12:01:50+00:00

COVID-19 Essential Service


Ripplecom remains operational during the current COVID-19 shutdown measures. We are very grateful for the dedication of our staff; their safety and public health are of paramount concern and every precaution is being taken. For our customers, our Support Team is on hand and for businesses facing a new working reality, we are here to assist with connectivity and telecommunications challenges.

COVID-19 Essential Service2020-03-25T23:45:55+00:00

ComReg Licence Applications


The Wireless Telegraphy Act 1926 stipulates that anyone in possession or operation of radio equipment in Ireland must hold an appropriate licence, unless exempted. Licences must be obtained from ComReg, the Commission for Communications Regulation. Ripplecom assists with ComReg licensing as part of our radio link consultancy and deployment service.

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NGN (Non-Geographic Number) changes


ComReg has announced imminent changes to the Non-Geographic Numbers (NGN) platform. From 1 December 2019, calls to 1850, 1890, 0818 and 076 numbers will cost no more than calls to a regular landline number. From 1 January 2022, the 1890, 1850, and 076 NGN ranges will be withdrawn. Only the 1800 and 0818 NGN ranges will remain.

NGN (Non-Geographic Number) changes2019-11-15T16:48:46+00:00

Retail’s Nightmare Before Christmas


Picture the scene. It’s a Saturday, days before Christmas, in a busy outlet in a crowded shopping centre in the city suburbs. Shoppers queue up, weighed down by bags, arms filled with more purchases. One till attendant beckons to her colleague. Worry etched on both faces. The line is getting longer.

Retail’s Nightmare Before Christmas2019-10-10T08:50:18+00:00

Orion by Ripplecom: white paper launched


This brief white paper is a great introduction for IT professionals eager to learn more about the development and configuration of our Orion autofailover. Orion by Ripplecom is a unique and innovative failover designed in-house by our team of engineers and selected as an IT Project of the Year by the Tech Excellence Awards.

Orion by Ripplecom: white paper launched2019-10-10T08:42:42+00:00

Limerick GAA unveils Ripplecom as Official Telecommunications Partner 2019-2021


Limerick GAA has named Ripplecom as their official telecommunications partner, 2019-2021. The new three-year partnership valued at over €60,000 is part of a long-standing association with the Limerick-based telecoms operator.

Limerick GAA unveils Ripplecom as Official Telecommunications Partner 2019-20212019-10-10T08:43:38+00:00

Retail Excellence Ireland names Ripplecom as Telecommunications Gold Partner


Retail Excellence Ireland has just named Ripplecom as their newest gold partner. As the exclusive telecoms partner of the country’s largest retail representative body the Limerick-based company is looking forward to connecting with retailers nationwide.

Retail Excellence Ireland names Ripplecom as Telecommunications Gold Partner2019-07-02T11:27:38+00:00

Spica by Ripplecom takes cloud telephony to the next level


Spica by Ripplecom is the telecom operator’s very own cloud-based voice service for business. Developed in-house by the team at Ireland’s only engineering-led operator, Spica is founded on the four pillars of security, resilience, support and cost savings.

Spica by Ripplecom takes cloud telephony to the next level2019-04-09T07:22:36+00:00

The Spica Guide to VoIP


When searching for a new telephone system, all the terminology can feel like a foreign language. At Ripplecom, we know how well our Spica voice service works so we don't hide behind any jargon. We just spell out exactly how Spica benefits businesses.

The Spica Guide to VoIP2019-04-08T09:20:50+00:00