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Channel partners onto a winner with Orion by Ripplecom


Orion, the autofailover engineered in-house by telecommunications company, Ripplecom, has been named ‘IT Project of the Year’ for the SME sector at the 2018 Tech Excellence Awards. Fresh from this success, Ripplecom has launched a recruitment drive for IT channel partners to introduce Orion to their customers.

Ireland’s leading IT industry awards

Ireland’s Tech Excellence Awards celebrate transformational technology that delivers an outstanding operational and competitive advantage to companies nationwide. The annual prize giving, and black tie gala dinner, is the biggest social event in the tech business calendar with over 600 attending each year. The awards were adjudicated by respected industry experts including Eoin O’Driscoll (Tyndall National Institute), Dr Jim Mountjoy (Science Foundation Ireland) and Peter McManamon (Atlantic Bridge).

Perfect channel partner opportunity

Ripplecom’s award-winning entry focused on the value-added service the Orion autofailover brought to our channel partner, Radius Technologies, a busy IT services provider. Ripplecom and Radius have worked together to bring Orion’s maximum uptime to clients like Christ Church Cathedral, Rapid Cabs and ReproMed.

How Orion works for IT support companies

With more and more connected devices and a huge migration of critical applications to the cloud, Irish businesses have very little tolerance for downtime. Service disruptions due to network faults are outside of any IT company’s control but they still have an impact on customer trust. When a provider like Radius can guarantee their customers’ connectivity, they gain an outstanding market advantage. Operationally, Orion’s uptime, remote monitoring and automatic deployment translate into a huge cost saving for IT companies servicing their customers.

How Orion works for cloud service providers

As Radius knows, and any cloud-based services provider will discover, Orion is the perfect antidote for the cloud-shy. For most owners and managers tempted to make the move to the cloud, the fear of potential loss of service due to network outage is the biggest obstacle. Orion gives potential customers that additional peace of mind, clearing the path for providers to close the deal.

How Orion work works

Devised in-house by our engineers, Orion by Ripplecom is a clever, compact and cost-effective autofailover. Orion leverages our core and access network expertise to provide customers with two physically diverse WAN pipes to the internet with truly seamless automatic failover in the event of an outage. Continuing in the same IP stream makes the failover so seamless that customers are blissfully unaware that an outage has occurred. Watch how it works here.

See Orion in action

Would you like to see Orion for yourself? To book a demo at our Limerick Offices, simply contact us on 061 500 250 or email

Become our Channel Partner

Being named as Tech Excellence’s SME IT Project of the Year recognises Orion’s pioneering potential to deliver meaningful network resilience at a price point that makes network redundancy accessible to the SME market for the first time.

Ripplecom is seeking Channel Partners with the capacity and expertise to help bring Orion to the thousands of businesses across Ireland who would benefit from always-on connectivity. For the right companies, this is a readymade opportunity to grow a profitable, sustainable business line with immediate returns.

Talk to our Channel Team on 061 500 250, email or request a call back. Visit us online.

published on 31 July 2018