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Christ Church Cathedral rings the changes with Orion by Ripplecom

hrist Church Cathedral Dublin

The latest in network resilient technology has been installed into Dublin’s oldest building. The Orion autofailover, engineered by telecommunications company Ripplecom will support the busy VoIP telephone system in the visitor centre of Christ Church Cathedral. The solution was delivered by Ripplecom in partnership with Radius Technologies.

Christ Church Cathedral

Christ Church Cathedral, which traces its history as the spiritual heart of Dublin all the way back to 1030, is now one of the capital’s most popular tourist attractions. Visitors from all over the world come to pay homage to Strongbow, peek at Tom and Jerry in the crypt and hear the famous bells in the belfry.

VoIP me, maybe

With a calendar of events and venue hire to manage, and a full educational programme to support, Christ Church needed to upgrade their telephone system. VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony is quick to configure, easy to scale and offers Irish businesses of all persuasions additional functionality as well as potential savings on their bills. The only obstacle for Christ Church, as for most owners and managers tempted to make the move to IP telephony, was the fear of potential loss of phone service due to network unavailability or failure. Luckily, this is exactly where Orion comes in.

How Orion guarantees call continuity

Orion gives customers two diverse paths to the internet coupled with automatic failover from one to the other in case of outages. What makes Orion truly special is that its conjoined primary and secondary network connections are engineered to seamlessly continue in the same IP stream. Using a Ripplecom gateway, connected to cloud controllers, failover happens in a fraction of a second. Linked systems and devices – including ongoing VoIP calls- continue uninterrupted, without dropping or delay. By installing Orion by Ripplecom in conjunction with their suite of VoIP telephones, Christ Church get full system redundancy and guaranteed continuity, so they never miss an important call.

Ripplecom and Radius

This is not the first time Ripplecom and Radius have worked together to bring Orion to a key customer. Sean Dowling of Radius Telecom explains that “Traditionally, fear of internet outage was always the biggest inhibitor to adopting VoIP. Once you introduce Orion and its guaranteed uptime, these concerns evaporate and businesses are free to start enjoying all the savings and benefits that VoIP can bring.”

John McDonnell, MD of Ripplecom, acknowledges that “With so many applications in the cloud, very few companies can tolerate downtime but this requirement to be ‘always-on’ becomes top priority when a business’ phones are also online.”

Connect with Ripplecom

With a portfolio of Data, Voice, Security and Resilience products, Ripplecom is dedicated to providing a clever, agile and responsive service to businesses nationwide. To speak to Ripplecom about your company’s connectivity, please call 061 500250, email or visit

published on 2 April 2018