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Case Study: Limerick Golf Club

Established in 1891, Limerick Golf Club is one of Ireland’s oldest, now serving 1,300 members at their Ballyclough course. Like most busy clubs, many day-to-day functions centre on golf management software. The upgrade path for that management system focused on transferring to a cloud-based model but the club was struggling on a DSL Internet connection. Moving anything to the cloud on the existing connection was unthinkable so the club approached Ripplecom.

Dr Niall Corcoran, Technical Advisor to Limerick Golf Club, explains the difference that a dedicated Point to Point (PTP) Ripplecom connection has made to the club. “We have a 50Mb connection and it is rock solid. It has allowed us to upgrade our main system which manages everything from members’ records and accounts to the organisation of competitions.”

Load and upload
Limerick Golf Club’s instance of the golf management software links to a central national database of handicaps. Niall continues, “Every competition creates a huge load on the Internet connection as members log on to upload their scores. Previously, that would have left members standing around, waiting, but now the process is seamless.”

Productive connectivity
The club manages their bandwidth, reserving a portion for club functions with the rest devoted to the WiFi network. An internal PTP link connects the Greenkeeper’s Office which is a separate structure, located away from the main clubhouse. This extension of the connection brought ground staff onto the club’s Local Area Network (LAN), a development that has freed the club to consider the introduction of further new systems.

Consolidating providers
Before approaching Ripplecom, two separate broadband connections had been installed in an attempt to tackle the poor connectivity. With such a poor signal, the telephone system was stuck on old copper wire infrastructure. When the club did move voice provider, legacy charges from the original installer arrived each month along with an invoice from the new provider.

Once a robust Ripplecom connection was in place, opting for ‘Spica’ Ripplecom’s VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) telephony was the next logical step. Converging data and voice with Ripplecom means there is one point of contact and a single bill. As internet telephony, moving to Spica also eradicated all the legacy charges and line rentals that were inflating monthly costs.

The golf club’s telephone system mainly handles inbound queries from members. Spica’s Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu has proven immensely useful. It helps members to get the information they need and to reach who they require without needing additional people to man the phones. The club adds a message to the telephone system each morning with an update on the course status. “The clubhouse staff record that day’s message. It is now a quick task as they find Spica much easier to use than the previous system.”

“Spica is very flexible,” Dr Corcoran concludes. “It does everything we need it to do, internal transfers and so on. If there have been any issues, the service has been very responsive and there is always someone from Ripplecom we can call on.”

published on 28 March 2019

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