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Orion by Ripplecom named ‘IT Project of the Year’ at the Tech Excellence Awards


Orion by Ripplecom, the auto-failover devised in-house by Ripplecom engineers and unique to us, has been named ‘IT Project of the Year’ for the SME sector at the 2018 Tech Excellence Awards.

Ireland’s leading IT industry awards

The Tech Excellence Awards are the most prestigious accolades in Ireland’s IT industry. The awards celebrate transformational technology that delivers outstanding operational and competitive advantages to companies nationwide.

The Orion auto-failover: guaranteeing connectivity, protecting business

These days, most businesses are utterly dependent on a network connection for even their most basic operations. Which means that a network fault or outage can bring work grinding to a halt and start losses spiralling. Reflecting this new reality, the Tech Excellence Awards recognised Orion for its ability to protect businesses by keeping them fully operational even amid a major network outage.

What exactly is Orion?

Orion is a clever, compact and cost-effective auto-failover. Each Orion auto-failover is created with two network connections- one primary and one secondary. Usually, a customer’s online traffic uses the primary connection but, when an outage strikes, all connected systems and devices switch quickly and smoothly to the secondary line.

A victory for innovation and for business owners

Managing Director of Ripplecom, John McDonnell, is delighted to see Orion recognised by Tech Excellence. “Businesses of all sizes are wholly reliant on connectivity because they have so many applications in the cloud. Large companies have always been able to protect their operations because they have the resources to physically build resilience into their infrastructure. Now, thanks to the ingenuity and innovation of our engineers, Orion is making network redundancy accessible to smaller businesses for the first time.”

What makes Orion an award-winning solution?

Guaranteed access to cloud applications

Microsoft 365, Points of Sale (tills), credit card terminals, accounting and payroll packages, inventory and stock control, VoIP telephone…It can be easy to forget just how many everyday systems require a connection to operate. Using two diverse paths- one by land and one by air- Orion keeps our customers connected to all their vital applications, even in an outage.

Same IP stream

Orion is uniquely engineered to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream. This means if an outage occurs mid-payment, the transaction will be completed successfully. If the disruption comes during a VoIP call, users continue their conversation blissfully unaware.


Orion has been deliberately created at a price point that brings truly resilient connectivity within reach of SMEs for the first time.


Both of Orion’s connections are secure, helping customers to stay PCI compliant and able to process payments as usual.


Secondary connections are enhanced to maximise speed and keep all critical systems running.

Minimal installation

The compact physical failover unit will be installed in your premises with minimal disruption or inconvenience.

Full support, monitoring and reporting

Both connections are remotely monitored and a customised report is issued whenever the failover is deployed.

Learn more about Orion by Ripplecom

To find out exactly how Orion could protect your company’s connection to the outside world, please visit us or contact us. If you are an IT support or cloud services provider, curious about what Orion could mean for your customers, please visit us.

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