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Orion case study: Rapid Cabs

Orion autofailover case study Rapid Cabs

A family run business, Rapid Cabs has been transporting the people of Waterford city for over 17 years. The Rapid Cabs fleet comprises the largest range of taxis in the south east of Ireland, including: taxis, people carriers, hackneys, coaches, wheelchair taxis.

Why connectivity is business critical for Rapid Cabs

With a fully computerised booking dispatch system in their call centre and an in-car computer in every taxi, connectivity is vital to Rapid Cabs’ most fundamental operations. The company has embraced technology to make requesting a cab as quick and convenient as possible. Rapid Cabs have their own app and Rapid Response, an automated priority booking system operated on IVR (Interactive Voice Response). Their innovative approach and state-of-the-art systems mean that reliability is more crucial than ever for day-to-day business.

Key highlights

With Orion by Ripplecom safely installed in their Parnell Street headquarters, Rapid Cabs enjoy peace of mind, knowing that they have:

Guaranteed communication

In a business built on responsiveness and trustworthiness, Rapid Cabs can’t afford downtime. Thanks to Orion’s guaranteed uptime, Rapid Cabs never has to worry about an outage preventing customers from contacting them or cutting off drivers who are out and about.

24/7 uptime

Rapid Cabs operates 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. As a taxi company, their busiest times fall outside of normal office hours so, in the past, late night and weekend outages were a potential disaster. Orion’s seamless automatic failover and enhanced secondary connection mean that Rapid Cab’s owners and dispatchers can relax knowing that, whenever an outage occurs, business-as-usual can continue while the primary connection awaits repair.

Fully monitored and supported

Customised alerts from the Ripplecom network keep key contacts up to date so they know exactly when Orion is deployed, and when the primary connection is restored.

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