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Launch of Orion by Ripplecom White Paper

Orion by Ripplecom White Paper
Orion by Ripplecom

Orion by Ripplecom is a unique and innovative autofailover designed by our team of engineers. Orion delivers effective protection from the detrimental impacts of downtime, helping businesses to stay fully operational amid major network impacting events. The Orion autofailover was selected as an IT Project of the Year by the Tech Excellence Awards.

Learn more about the technology behind Orion

The Orion White Paper offers:

  • An overview of the growing business requirement for always-on Internet
  • Insight into the in-house research & development process behind Orion’s technology
  • Reveals how Orion recreates enterprise functionality on a cost-effective platform
  • Catalogues Orion’s unique functionality
  • Describes connectivity and configuration options

Download here: Orion by Ripplecom: white paper on our award-winning autofailover technology

Who should read this white paper

This white paper will be of interest to IT professionals looking to build resilience into their connectivity architecture. For IT services companies, or any company, considering business continuity options, the paper is an invaluable resource detailing the potential drawbacks of failover solutions and how they have been overcome.

Channel Partner programme

Companies offering managed IT services see huge potential in Orion. Truly automatic failover, maximum uptime and full portal visibility means far fewer call outs, resulting in massive cost savings. Beyond cost savings, Ripplecom operates a lucrative Channel Partner programme. IT companies who refer new Orion customers earn recurring monthly revenue while their customers enjoy always-on Internet.

See Orion in action: book a demo

To see Orion in action, get in touch to book a demo at our Limerick Offices. Book an Orion by Ripplecom demo here.

published on 1 July 2019

Connect with Ripplecom

Ripplecom delivers data connectivity and VoIP telephony married with the Orion autofailover to provide holistic cloud connectivity for smart businesses nationwide. All solutions are fully scalable from single units to multisite enterprises and are supported by Ripplecom’s helpful and responsive team. To find out more, please contact Ripplecom on 061 500250, email or visit