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Retail Excellence Ireland names Ripplecom as Telecommunications Gold Partner


Retail Excellence Ireland has just named Ripplecom as their newest gold partner. As the exclusive telecoms partner of the country’s largest retail representative body the Limerick-based company is looking forward to connecting with retailers nationwide.

“Retail Excellence is delighted to welcome Ripplecom as a Gold Partner. As the dominant representative body in retail, we count 2,000 of the most successful and progressive retailers in Ireland as our members. We’re pleased to connect them with Ripplecom as a service provider, who match technical expertise with exceptional customer service. On behalf of our members, we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Ripplecom and we wish them every success.”

Retail-critical connectivity

Internet connectivity has never been more crucial for retail, so the time is ripe for Ripplecom and Retail Excellence to join forces. The mission-critical nature of retail connectivity does not just relate to ecommerce. Brick and mortar shops are a hive of connected activity with EPoS, card payments and stock control as well as communications like email, VoIP and social media. Cloud-based systems are the new norm. Essential applications that may be cloud-based include food safety monitoring, time and attendance, payroll, invoicing, accounting packages and office software like Microsoft 365.

Counting the cost of disruption

Retailers can easily imagine how long, or short, customers will wait in line if their till crashes and the credit card machine is down. Consumers are going cashless, so a network outage means missed sales, disgruntled customers, idle employees and lost revenue. To help retailers protect their livelihoods, Ripplecom has designed an ingenious and cost-effective way to keep them connected.

Introducing Orion by Ripplecom

Ripplecom is excited to introduce Retail Excellence Ireland members to Orion, their award-winning autofailover technology. Engineered in-house by the Ripplecom team, Orion ensures that connected systems and devices continue to operate normally in the case of a network fault. Orion is uniquely designed to continue in the same IP stream, keeping businesses PCI compliant and facilitating ongoing credit card transactions. The failover is completely automatic so there is no need to call on IT support. Orion works so seamlessly that customers, and even employees, will be unaware that anything has happened.

Designed with retail in mind

John McDonnell, Managing Director of Ripplecom, explains that “Orion was designed with retailers in mind, to protect them in a new cloud-based reality. Orion will keep retail outlets online and operating, with no disruption to trading even in the midst of a major network outage. This kind of resilience is critical in an age of instant communications, contactless payments and customers who simply will not wait around if systems are down.”

Some of the well-known retailers connected directly by Ripplecom, or through wholesale partnerships, include Barry Group wholesalers, Soundstore, Arrabawn, Joyces Supermarkets, Quinns of Baltinglass, Liffey Mills, Supermacs and many more. Adopting an Orion by Ripplecom autofailover means peace of mind for owners and managers who can relax in the knowledge that, when an outage does occur, customers can keep shopping to their hearts’ content.

published on 11 April 2019

Enabling and empowering business

Ripplecom delivers data connectivity and VoIP telephony married with the Orion autofailover to provide holistic cloud connectivity for smart businesses nationwide. All solutions are fully scalable from single units to multisite enterprises and are supported by Ripplecom’s helpful and responsive team. To find out more, please contact Ripplecom on 061 500250, email or visit