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Retail’s nightmare before Christmas

Picture the scene. It’s a Saturday, days before Christmas, in a busy outlet in a crowded shopping centre in the city suburbs. Shoppers queue up, weighed down by bags, arms filled with more purchases. One till attendant beckons to her colleague. Worry etched on both faces. The credit card machine won’t connect. The line is getting longer. Customers are impatient. Irritated. The manager can’t get hold of the bank or IT support. They’re out doing their own last minute shopping. Staff are helpless. They offer to hold items behind the counter. Advise card-toting customers that there is an ATM at the entrance to the centre. The line for that is long too. It is a Saturday after all, only days before Christmas. Harried shoppers drop their would-be purchases on the nearest surface. They don’t have time for this. They’ll have to get something else. Somewhere else. 

It’s every retailer’s nightmare and one that most could easily fall victim to. Modern consumers go shopping without cash in their pockets. With over six million credit and debit cards active in the Irish economy, they expect to tap and go, wherever they go. So much so, they’ll avoid shops where they can’t. Card transactions and digital payments increase retailers’ reliance on supporting technology including robust Internet connectivity. Any interruption results in customers leaving the premises without making a purchase. Every disruption costs money.

It’s not just cashless consumers rendering retailers dependent on connectivity. The upgrade path for all Point of Sale and stock control technology points to the cloud. Communications, back office systems, payroll, even security cameras, all require a connection to operate.

Ripplecom has made it easy for retailers to safeguard their connectivity with Orion, their award- winning autofailover technology. In the event of an outage, Orion switches devices smoothly from a primary to a secondary Internet connection. Once the main connection is restored, Orion automatically switches all systems back to the primary source. The retailer doesn’t have to take any action or make any calls, the system takes care of it all.

Why Orion is a dream for retail
  • No downtime, anytime
    Evenings and weekends are some of retail’s busiest times. Contacting IT support outside of normal office hours can be impossible, so peak time outages are a potential disaster. With Orion, retailers can relax knowing that, whatever time an outage occurs, trade will continue as normal.
  • Card terminals
    Card terminals continue to work normally even in a breakage; our engineering allows transactions to process seamlessly.
  • PCI compliant
    Ripplecom connections are secure, helping vendors to stay PCI compliant and processing payments as usual.

Retail’s nightmare before Christmas first appeared in Retail Times.

published on 9 October 2019

Exclusive Retail Excellence offer: €100 off Orion installation

Connectivity is a year-round issue but as retailers prepare for the most important trading period of the year, Ripplecom is exclusively offering Retail Excellence members €100 off standard, pre-Christmas Orion installations. To learn more, email or chat to a member of our Business Team on 061 500250. Ripplecom is a Gold Partner of Retail Excellence.