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Case study: Soundstore

Soundstore is an Irish-owned electrical retailer specialising in TV, audio, computers and kitchen appliances.


Cashless consumers expect to tap and go wherever they go, making retailers completely dependent on connectivity. When Soundstore’s network went down on a Saturday, it was difficult to report the problem and impossible to get it resolved. Store managers were forced to watch customers walking away empty-handed. With no way to process payments, they were powerless to salvage sales.


Ripplecom makes it easy for retailers to safeguard their connectivity with Orion’s award-winning autofailover technology. In the event of an outage, Orion switches devices like tills and credit card terminals smoothly from a primary to a secondary Internet connection.


No downtime, anytime

Evenings and weekends are among retail’s busiest times. In the past, outages outside of regular office hours were a potential disaster. With Orion, Soundstore can relax knowing that, whenever outages occur, trade will continue as normal.

Show me the plastic

With Orion, card terminals continue to work normally throughout an outage. Our engineering and IP addressing allows transactions to process seamlessly so Soundstore never misses a single sale.

PCI compliant

Ripplecom connections are secure, helping vendors like Soundstore to stay PCI compliant and processing payments as usual.

Excellent customer service

Connecting Soundstore’s main distribution centre as well as retail outlets in Cork, Limerick, Waterford and Tralee with Orion ensures Soundstore can respond to queries, fulfil orders and deliver on time, every time. Always-on connectivity has become a key tool in delivering Soundstore’s excellent customer service.

What our customers say

“We at Soundstore are delighted that we made the change to Ripplecom. Having trust and confidence in the connectivity of our network gives peace of mind to all who work within our organisation. The only pity is that Ripplecom didn’t arrive sooner to the marketplace!”
John O’Brien, Stock & Logistics Manager, Soundstore

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