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Spica by Ripplecom takes cloud telephony to the next level

Spica by Ripplecom VoIP telephony

Telecoms operator, Ripplecom, has launched ‘Spica’ its hosted voice service for business. Spica by Ripplecom is the Limerick company’s very own cloud-based voice service for business. Developed in-house by the team at Ireland’s only engineering-led operator, Spica is founded on the four pillars of security, resilience, support and cost savings.

1. Security

Spica routes customer voice traffic directly through Ripplecom’s core network via private interconnects with trusted upstream partners, to protect it from online threats. Ripplecom’s background as an Internet Service Provider and their core engineering knowledge of networking means that Spica is much more secure than many other VoIP systems.

2. Resilience

Spica, combined with Ripplecom’s award-winning Orion autofailover technology, gives Ripplecom customers full system redundancy and guaranteed business continuity, so they never miss an important call.

3. Support

Calls are critical to business, so Spica is supported by Ripplecom’s network operations centre and team of field engineers. All support is included as standard without the need to pay for separate contracts. As a fully hosted service, customers don’t need to maintain any on premise hardware or software for their phone system as Ripplecom takes care of all that, including software upgrades, within their private cloud.

4. Cost savings: big business functionality at small prices

As a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) service, Spica has the potential to save businesses vast sums of money on hardware, line rental and call rates. Spica’s digital nature means that the system comes with a long list of features and functions, all included as standard.

Solid foundations for the cloud

Chief Technical Officer at Ripplecom, Denis Herlihy, is at pains to point out that Spica’s true value lies in the technology, network and team that power it “Our background in connectivity and networking allows us to consider voice holistically to deliver a better option for businesses.”

Building for better

John McDonnell, Managing Director of Ripplecom, explains that while the company is best known as a data provider, the team has been delivering voice service for a number of years. “As we worked with various voice systems, the thought that ‘We could do this better ourselves!” did occur to us. In most companies, that is where the story would end but our engineers went on and created Spica. We started to roll Spica out to our existing customers. Their feedback, and feedback from resellers who have provided Spica to their own customers, is overwhelmingly positive. They are impressed by Spica’s performance , and ease-of-use, particularly when compared to what they have had in the past.”

published on 8 April 2019

Enabling and empowering business

Voice is a vital part of your company’s communications. Changing platform or provider is not a project to be undertaken lightly. There are many factors to consider; from bandwidth to number management. Make the change as straightforward and stress-free as possible by choosing an experienced provider like Ripplecom to help and advise you throughout your journey. To talk to our Business Team, please call 061 500250, email or visit