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Business communications

Whatever your business needs to operate, we make it work. Ripplecom provides quality solutions for connectivity, business continuity, voice and security to businesses of all sizes.

Our product range allows us to take a holistic approach to your requirements, integrate your communications for maximum performance and ensure you get the best possible return for your operating costs. We protect your business with Orion, our award-winning auto-failover which keeps all connected systems operational in case of an outage.

Too often, ill-fitting products and slow response times from telecoms companies become a huge source of frustration for business owners and managers. At Ripplecom, we promise to consistently offer you the benefit of our expertise and provide excellent personalised customer service. With our capabilities at your disposal, you will enjoy total peace of mind.

What Ripplecom can do for your business communications

Trustworthy, practical advice

We understand that each of our customers has a different set of technical and business requirements. Through our consultative approach, we listen to you before advising which of our products and professional services will best meet the actual needs of your business.

Affordable business continuity

As more and more of the applications we use for basic day-to-day operations require a network connection to operate, the more detrimental a brief network outage becomes. Larger businesses build expensive protection against outages into their networks. The Orion autofailover brings this protection (network resilience or network redundancy) within the reach of more modest IT budgets. That is why Orion was selected as the IT Project of the Year for the SME sector at the 2018 Tech Excellence Awards.

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Responsive support

As a Ripplecom customer, you get access to a fully contactable service provider. We know that our services are critical to your business. Your concerns are never treated as just another ticket in the queue. Instead, our business consultants, customer service agents and corporate support specialists are all here to assist you in any way that we can.

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Converge your data and voice

When you consolidate your voice and connectivity requirements with Ripplecom, we take responsibility for the entire user experience. This guarantees:

  • Quality of service: by optimising the capacity and capability of your connection, we ensure that you enjoy a seamless call experience.

  • Ease of management: any issues that may be experienced are resolved quickly and painlessly by getting in touch with a single point of contact, with full visibility of your network.
  • Cost-effectiveness: our business team will work with you to create a data and voice bundle that meets your needs and delivers the best possible value for money. Receiving a single, easy to understand invoice gives you total clarity around your communication costs.

Let’s do business

If your business is suffering from poor connectivity, if unreliable services are impairing your efficiency or, if you would simply like to have a positive relationship with a telecommunications partner who values your business, get in touch with Ripplecom. We would love to hear from you on 061 500250. You can also email or request a call back.

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