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Business continuity:
Orion by Ripplecom

Protect your business with our award-winning autofailover technology.

More connected devices and the migration of critical applications to the cloud mean that Irish businesses have very little tolerance for downtime. Service disruptions and network faults are outside of your control but they can have a devastating impact on your business. Ripplecom provide a cost-effective way to guarantee business continuity with Orion. Owners and managers can relax in the peace of mind that, when an outage does occur, your company will stay fully operational.

The cost of downtime

On top of plummeting employee productivity, disruptions are a huge liability in terms of missed business opportunities. In an age of instant communication, customers demand quick responses. If you fail to deliver, it can damage your reputation and result in a loss of goodwill among existing clients.

It can be easy to forget how many everyday applications are internet dependent, depending on your systems, these are just some of the vital functions that will shut down during a network outage.

– Microsoft 365 applications
– Accounting and payroll packages
– Communication blackout: email, possibly telephone, web queries and social media
– Potential security risk and data loss
– PoS (Point of Sale) systems
– Online payments and credit card machines
– Inventory systems

1. Each Orion is created with two integrated connections: one primary and one secondary.
2. Usually, all online traffic uses the primary connection.
3. A fault or outage occurs affecting the primary line.
4. All connected systems and devices switch quickly and smoothly to the secondary circuit.
5. These systems and devices continue to operate normally for the duration of the outage.
6. Once the main connection is restored, your router will automatically switch back to the primary source
7. Ripplecom engineers remotely monitor both primary and secondary connections.
8. Customers receive a customised report whenever Orion is deployed.

How the Orion Auto-failover works

Watch this video to understand how our award-winning product works.

Why Orion is an award winner

Orion was selected as the IT Project of the Year for the SME sector at the Tech Excellence Awards. The judges recognised Orion’s pioneering potential to deliver meaningful resilience at a price point that makes network redundancy accessible to smaller business for the first time. On top of speed, security and minimal installation, a few key features make Orion’s technology truly transformational:

Guaranteed access to cloud applications

Using two diverse WAN connections- one by land and one by air- Orion keeps customers connected to all vital applications, even amid a major outage.

Same IP stream

Orion is uniquely engineered to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream for truly seamless failover. This means that if an outage occurs during a VoIP telephone call, conversations continue blissfully unaware that anything has happened.

Secure and PCI compliant

For businesses that process payments, IP addressing and secure, segregated connection ports help you to stay PCI compliant and processing payments as usual.

Full monitoring and reporting

Both connections are remotely monitored by Ripplecom engineers and a customised report is issued whenever the failover is deployed.


Larger companies have protected themselves against network outages for years. The solutions they employ are light years beyond the budget of any smaller enterprise. By developing Orion on cost-effective hardware, using affordable connectivity, Ripplecom brought business continuity within reach of smaller businesses for the first time.

Plan for business continuity

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