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Voice channel partners

Finally! Persuade your customers to leave legacy systems behind with a secure, resilient cloud-based voice platform.

Fully hosted within our core network, managed by security-conscious engineers and backed by award-winning autofailover technology, Spica by Ripplecom delivers all the advantages of the cloud with none of the worries.

What our network will do for you

Our technology and your business combine to make a compelling commercial opportunity.


Our voice service is fully hosted within our core network with no transit outside of Ireland and direct interconnects with providers including eir and Vodafone. Our infrastructure is fully supported and designed to guarantee the highest levels of availability. Built across two Tier 4 data centre facilities, we maintain a voice soft switch in each centre for added assurance.


Our customers’ voice traffic is routed from their premises to the national telephony network via our fully resilient core network. This enhanced routing protects our voice traffic by never allowing it to touch the public Internet.

Award-winning resilience

Individual enterprises can protect their VoIP telephony with Orion by Ripplecom. Developed in-house by our engineers, Orion is a clever, compact autofailover that delivers resilient connectivity at a cost-effective price point. Selected as an ‘IT Project of the Year’ by the Tech Excellence Awards, what makes Orion truly special is that its primary and secondary network connections are engineered to seamlessly continue in the same IP stream. Linked systems and devices – including ongoing VoIP calls- continue uninterrupted, without dropping or delay. This means that even in a major outage, VoIP telephony, along with any other critical applications that require a connection to function, will stay fully operational.

Not your average helpdesk

Partnering with an engineering-led company means you can look forward to priority access to expert technical support for swift resolutions. Leverage in-house expertise to design the best solution for your customers, and you.

What becoming a Ripplecom Voice Channel Partner will do for your business

Enhance service, cut operating costs

Full visibility of all endpoints via our portal allows you to anticipate and respond to any user issues. Adopting Spica by Ripplecom, our cloud-based platform, allows you to manage all your customers easily from a central location, accelerating resolution times. Free staff time and cut costs by phasing out call outs to deal with ageing PBX hardware.

Profitable business opportunity

Ripplecom’s voice platform, complete with a billing portal, is available for resale to your end-customers. Our reliable cloud telephony offers a compelling value proposition that will attract new customers and entice your clients into new service contracts. Our partner pricing plans are structured to guarantee a worthwhile return for your business.

Easy to adopt, deploy and manage

As a chosen Channel Partner, your success is our success. From an easy order process to efficient service delivery, our team is here to support you on every step of your journey. Our voice platform is configured for self-management by professionals with a degree of technical expertise. If desired, a fully-managed service can also be provided.


Any agreement with Ripplecom can easily encompass your current arrangements regarding minutes. However, we believe that our team has successfully negotiated some of the best value minutes on the market. We will be happy to discuss the details of these with you.


Spica by Ripplecom can work with any standard VoIP hardware. Call on our experience and extensive network of suppliers to source the best value in feature-rich IP handsets, headsets and conference phones.

Voice your interest

For more details about Spica by Ripplecom and how it could work for your end-customers, please contact us on 061 500250, email or request a call back.

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Spica by Ripplecom

Created in-house by our engineers, Spica delivers business VoIP telephony with superior service, value and security. As experts in connectivity and networking, we consider voice services holistically to deliver a better option for businesses. As a VoIP service, Spica has the potential to save businesses vast sums of money on hardware, line rental and call rates. Spica’s digital nature means that the system comes with a long list of features and functions, all included as standard. 

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Power your operations with robust, dual Internet connections. Achieve zero downtime with our award-winning autofailover technology.

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Features, functionality and cost savings all come as standard with our IP telephony. Ideal for flexible, remote and on-site working.

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Cyber attacks are mushrooming and every business is a target. Protect your data, systems and reputation with sophisticated security.

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Data storage and security are vital business concerns. Expand or diversify your data centre footprint with our colocation service.

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What our customers say about us

What impressed me most, was the proactive approach of the Ripplecom team to listen and quickly understand our business requirements and then, structure a solution that was tailored specifically for us. The Ripplecom staff including the sales, engineering and support teams were skilled and competent and delivered a telephony solution that met the needs of our business. At all times during the procurement process, it was more like the development of a long-term business to business relationship, rather than a one-off transactional event. We look forward to growing this business- to- business relationship as each of our businesses grow in the future.

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