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Give your business an unbeatable competitive advantage. Deliver a connection that is truly always-on with Orion by Ripplecom.

Orion- better network resilience

Orion is Ripplecom’s uniquely engineered autofailover. Our agile solution uses a primary and enhanced secondary connection to ensure users stay connected throughout network outages and service disruptions. This clever, cost-effective and compact system delivers resilient connectivity for a fraction of the cost of custom-built, wired redundancy.

Consistent IP stream

Ripplecom’s conjoined networks are uniquely engineered to continue in the same IP stream. This means any linked systems or devices – even ongoing VoIP calls- continue uninterrupted. Our failover is so seamless, customers will be blissfully unaware that an outage has occurred.

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We are seeking Channel Partners with the capacity and expertise to help us bring Orion to thousands of businesses across Ireland.

For the right company, this is a ready made opportunity to grow a profitable, sustainable business line with immediate returns.


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Why you should partner with Ripplecom

Profitable business opportunity

Easy to adopt and administer

Not your average helpdesk

Total visibility & reporting

Setting you up to succeed

Profitable business opportunity

As a chosen Channel Partner, your success is our success. Our partnership will:

  • Return a worthwhile margin for your business
  • Save money on costly truck rolls
  • Attract new customers with compelling value proposition
  • Entice your client base into longer term service contracts
Easy to adopt and administer
    Our dedicated Channel Team is here to support you every step of the way.
  • Easy and effective order process and service delivery
  • Eliminate third parties thanks to our wholesale agreements
  • No more managing outages
  • Clear, easy-to-understand invoicing
Not your average helpdesk

Dealing with an engineering-led company means you can look forward to:

  • Expert technical support
  • Leveraging in-house expertise
  • Direct access to WAN specialists
  • Swift resolution of total service outage
Setting you up to succeed

We provide everything you need to start driving revenue from day one. Go straight to market with:

  • Ready-made marketing templates
  • Training for your sales team
  • Contract agreements for easy sign-up

Business as usual: how Orion works

1. Each Orion is created with two integrated connections: one primary and one secondary.
2. Usually, all internet traffic uses the primary connection.
3. An outage occurs affecting the primary line.
4. All connected systems and devices switch quickly and smoothly to the secondary line.
5. These systems and devices continue to operate normally for the duration of the outage.
6. Once the main connection is restored, your router will automatically switch back to the primary source.
7. Ripplecom remotely monitors both primary and secondary connections and clients receive a customised report whenever the autofailover is deployed.

What makes Orion the best conjoined network on the market?

Using two diverse paths- one by land and one by air- our engineers created Orion to help businesses to stay fully operational amid a network outage.

Orion is uniquely engineered by Ripplecom’s own engineers to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream. This means if an outage occurs during a telephone call, VOIP conversations continue without dropping or delay.

The autofailover merges with existing architecture so that a primary network outage does not constitute a security risk. Our segregated connection ports are isolated for security. This helps businesses that process card transactions to stay PCI compliant and taking payments as normal.

Secondary connections are enhanced to maximise speed and keep all critical applications running.

The failover and fail back require no change to internal servers and no action on the part of the end user or their IT services provider.

Our team can install the compact physical autofailover unit in any premises, with minimal disruption or inconvenience.

See Orion in action

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