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Connectivity challenges

In this increasingly connected world, securing a network connection can still pose more of a challenge than a new or expanding business anticipates.

Most providers are unwilling, or unable, to look beyond their standard ‘off-the-shelf’ products to help these companies. By contrast, at Ripplecom, we believe that data connectivity should always enable and empower business, regardless of location. Our practical, problem-solving approach has firmly established our reputation as the ‘go-to’ company for challenging connections.

Our history as a rural broadband provider has given our team of engineers and field technicians years of hands-on experience reaching ‘unreachable’ locations. The irregular evolution of Ireland’s data infrastructure means that this proactive approach now often proves just as vital in urban environments.
To connect customers, we combine our fixed wireless network with fibre and LTE partnerships. This means that when a customer with a connectivity challenge approaches Ripplecom, we don’t push our own products. Instead, we take every potential access technology into consideration before making an informed recommendation.

How Ripplecom can help your business with connectivity challenges

Professional consultation

Whether your company is considering, or committed to, a particular location, our team can carry out site surveys to advise on the feasibility of a connection. To get the full benefit of our knowledge, you can engage our engineers to sketch a potential network design suited to your specifications.

Bespoke build outs

Wherever possible, we work with existing infrastructure in order to expedite delivery and minimise costs. Where a site is unreachable through existing infrastructure, our team can undertake a bespoke build to create a connection. Our engineers have developed a relay-style solution, involving intermediary host sites, to extend coverage far beyond ordinary network reach. Originally developed as part of our work with the Department of Education, the solution has been deployed for numerous business customers with problematic locations.

Last mile extensions

Where fibre passes a business’ door, it is an obvious connectivity option. However, extending fibre, for even the shortest distance can be cost-prohibitive depending on a company’s budget. Point-to-point wireless is an excellent option to extend the reach of fibre over the final stretch to the premises, known as the ‘last mile’.

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