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Dedicated internet access

When connectivity is business critical, dedicated Internet access with synchronous speeds and guaranteed bandwidth is the only option.

The advantages of choosing Ripplecom for your dedicated connection

Expert, trustworthy consultation

We consult with our corporate clients to understand exactly what is required, providing in-depth, honest and expert advice. If an out-of-the-box product or off-the-shelf solution will not suffice, our experienced in-house engineers craft individual connections that are constructed to business specifications.

Focused design, implementation and support

We design a proposal around you, to enable your company to work as smoothly and swiftly as possible. Every Ripplecom proposal is rigorously created to provide the maximum performance, resilience and value. Once a proposal is agreed, our Service Delivery team steps in to coordinate efficient and timely deployment. Once up and running, our corporate support team is on hand should you ever need us.

Dedicated fixed wireless solutions

Ripplecom can provide dedicated synchronous access circuits delivering speeds from 10Mbps up to 10Gbps using various licensed microwave radio technologies. Our carrier-grade, near licensed links support bandwidths ranging from 10Mbps to 500Mbps without the overhead cost of license fees.

For a brief outline of the benefits of licensed and unlicensed radio spectrum for your business, please visit Our Network.

Our dedicated radio connections offer your business:

  • Performance: bandwidth up to 10Gb
  • High functionality to support all applications
  • Flexible configuration fully engineered to your specifications
  • Professional installation fully managed by our Service Delivery Team
  • Affordable coverage: radio will reach outlying sites without the expense of a fibre dig
  • Robust network: at multiple high sites around Ireland, Ripplecom’s extensive fixed wireless network is linked to fibre backhaul circuits to our data centres. Each point in our network is designed for optimum performance and reliability.

Fibre, VDSL and LTE connectivity

Where fixed wireless is not the best option for your company, we will tell you so! We offer fibre, VDSL and LTE connections through our partners.

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Speak to us today

We appreciate that cutting through the technobabble is often the first hurdle when trying to connect your company, so we deliberately take a straight-talking approach. For a helpful, practical conversation about connectivity, please telephone 061 500250, or request a call back.

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