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Multisite Wide Area Networks (WAN)

Our engineers specialise in the creation of private Wide Area Networks, precisely designed and built to meet your operational needs.

Properly constructed, a company network is a key business enabler. Ripplecom specialises in the design and build of private, software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs) that help our customers enhance communications, retire legacy systems and break down the barriers to cloud computing. With hybrid connectivity options and intelligent, customised routing solutions, we can create and operate a network that precisely serves and meets your operational needs.

How a Ripplecom Wide Area Network benefits your business

Unlock the potential of cloud

For a business with multiple branches, the benefits of cloud grow in proportion to the number of sites. Cloud adoption offers the opportunity to consolidate the cost of everything from servers to software licences and to streamline IT support.


Moving applications that are integral to day-to-day work to the cloud means that online access must be consistent for all employees, regardless of their location or the size of their branch. Because we own and operate the largest independent fixed wireless network in Ireland, Ripplecom rolls out ‘last-mile’ radio extensions that stretch the high-speed data footprint to deliver high-quality services to remote areas that other providers never consider reaching.


We will use multiple access technologies, including radio, fibre, VDSL and LTE, to create high-performance connections for each one of your branches. These hybrid paths are bound together within an integrated network so that every employee can benefit from fast, efficient and secure access to the applications they need to work efficiently.

Protect operations with network resilience

With key applications in the cloud, the need to keep all your branches on at all times is amplified. We can deploy primary and backup services to each site, configured with Orion, our managed auto-failover which keeps all systems connected and operational in case of an outage.

Read more about Orion by Ripplecom failover.

Enjoy the ultimate security

The links between smaller offices, financial branches, retail shops and similar sites all carry vital corporate and end-customer information and should never be trusted to low cost, unprotected circuits. Choosing an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network can give your business the ultimate security by removing the need for direct Internet access at many sites. Your distributed network can be configured with custom routing tables to facilitate site to site communication, and access to company networks, without ever touching the public Internet.

Take priority

Business traffic is prioritised on our network to ensure top performance. Through QoS (Quality of Service) we can preserve bandwidth for the applications you deem critical, so they are protected from traffic bottlenecks.

Simplify operations for centralised IT

Our WANs make the management of a dispersed network by a centralised IT resource infinitely more efficient. Software-defined intelligence means our engineers have full visibility of your network with centralised set-up and minimum provisioning required at a branch level. By consolidating primary connectivity, back up, voice and security needs with one provider, we integrate all services and you deal with a single point of contact.

Proactive network management

Under our enhanced corporate SLA (Service Level Agreement) your network will be proactively managed. Any fault, no matter how small, can be detected from our Network Operations Centre so we begin working on a resolution before you have even noticed an issue.

Let’s talk networks

Our in-house technical experts manage each part of a WAN development project to deliver what you need on time and on budget. If you are considering a network change, they will talk you through every part of the process with honest, straightforward advice. Call on our expertise; telephone 061 500250, email or request a call back.

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