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Ripplecom delivers dual data connections protected by our award-winning ‘Orion’ autofailover technology. Powerful, reliable connectivity results in more responsive systems and always-on Internet allowing you and your employees to tear through your ‘to-do’ lists!

Best available connectivity
Contacting Ripplecom means accessing all your options in a single call. We connect customers to our own network and in partnership with all other major providers.

Zero downtime
Network outages are disruptive and costly. Our Orion autofailover protects our customers from loss of connectivity and loss of income.

Guaranteed delivery
We insist on up-front survey of your location. We only sign a contract when we can deliver a satisfactory service so you can choose Ripplecom with total confidence and peace of mind.

The muscle behind your IT team
We are Ireland’s only engineering-led telecoms operator. Our knowledge and experience will be invaluable in tackling your challenges and designing a solution that surpasses your (and your boss’s) expectations.

Responsive support
If it is not working, pick up the phone. Our support team are troubleshooting wizards. They will have you back to work in no time.

For whatever project you have in mind


Watch Orion in action

See how Orion actually protects our customers.