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Construction connectivity

Internet connectivity can be a real challenge for the construction industry, now more than ever. Documentation, regulation and constant communication with project partners and your own team mean that a connected jobsite is an absolute priority.

Getting a temporary connection for the duration of a build can be a headache. If a site is remote or off the grid, it can even hold up breaking ground. With flexible contracts and quick-to-deploy solutions, Ripplecom specialises in delivering robust and reliable connectivity for construction projects.

  • Increase project efficiency with real-time access to critical updates

  • Save time: rapid data transfer means no sitting around waiting for files 
  • Streamline administration with instant communication between the project site and head office.
  • Promote security: static IP addressing can be supplied for CCTV cameras and other equipment.

  • Site-wide connectivity can be facilitated via additional access points.
  • Flexible capacity can be scaled up, or down, depending on the project stage and the number of workers on-site.
  • Be prepared: an advance site survey allows your solution to be delivered pre-configured and fully functional on or before your start date

Why Ripplecom is the perfect partner for your construction project

Technology for greenfield sites

We deliver services on our own network and in partnership with all major carriers giving us comprehensive national coverage. Our fixed wireless and enhanced LTE technologies are perfect for greenfield construction sites where conditions are often unsuitable for fibre and cable connections. Custom network build outs will connect even the hardest to reach areas.

Serious on-site bandwidth

Downloading CAD drawings, plans and PDFs; sending documents back to the cloud or the office: it all requires meaningful bandwidth. We supply dedicated connections with synchronous speeds and generous bandwidth capacity for heavy file uploads and downloads.

Rapid deployment

Our hardy outdoor equipment is quick to deploy. There is no waiting around for planning permission or big digs. Once the contract is signed, our Service Delivery Team steps in to ensure we are on-site when you need us.


We match our minimum contract length to the life of a project. Contracts can continue on a rolling month-to month basis if the schedule changes. A building site is an ever-changing landscape. Our equipment can be redeployed within the site by our engineers if necessary.

Safety first

Our team of Field Engineers is fully qualified, insured and appropriately certified to meet all regulatory requirements. We will work closely with you to ensure full compliance with your on-site Health and Safety procedures.

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Ireland’s only engineering-led telecoms operator

Deal with engineers not middlemen. We build our own network connections. Ripplecom is the only telecommunications operator to hold Engineers Ireland CPD Employer Accreditation. We keep engineering at the core of our operations so that the quality and integrity of our solutions is always exemplary.

Our construction customers

Connected by Ripplecom directly or in wholesale partnership:

Meet your deadlines with Orion by Ripplecom

Orion is our award-winning autofailover technology. We supply primary and secondary connections configured to failover and back seamlessly. Orion’s always-on connectivity means a network fault or outage never impacts your build.

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Power your operations with robust, dual Internet connections. Achieve zero downtime with our award-winning autofailover technology.

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