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Coverage check

Our coverage map illustrates the reach of Ripplecom’s independent, fixed wireless network. We also deliver all levels of fibre and LTE connectivity in partnership with other major national carriers.

Please be aware that online checks are indicative only. Always contact us for a definitive survey.

    1. Please enter your Eircode below.
    2. Press ‘Address Search’
    3. If your location shows up in a green shaded area, we should be able to provide you with radio service. However, online checks are indicative only and not a guarantee of service.

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Your company network is your line to the outside world. It connects you to your customers, suppliers, employees and branches. Make sure it is working as hard as you are.

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Business continuity

As connectivity becomes increasingly critical, downtime becomes more costly. Smart businesses are safeguarding their operations and protecting revenue with our truly resilient technology.

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Learn the advantages of consolidating your voice and data. Discover the possibilities contact centre solutions and a resilient VoIP service can offer your business.

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Cyber threats continue to grow in prevalence and scale but with potent managed security services in place, your business will operate within the most robust defences.

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