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Always-on Internet for your customers

Critical applications have migrated to the cloud leaving Irish businesses with very little tolerance for downtime. Service disruptions due to network faults are outside of any IT company’s control but they still have an impact on customer trust. When an IT service provider can guarantee their customers’ connectivity, they gain an outstanding market advantage.

How Orion works
Devised in-house by our engineers, Orion by Ripplecom is a clever, compact and cost-effective autofailover. Orion leverages our core and access network expertise to provide customers with two physically diverse WAN pipes to the internet with truly seamless automatic failover in the event of an outage. Continuing in the same IP stream makes the failover so seamless that customers are blissfully unaware that an outage has occurred.

Profitable business opportunity
As a chosen Channel Partner, your success is our success. Our partnership will return worthwhile recurring monthly revenue for your business. Orion will attract new customers with a compelling value proposition and entice your client base into longer term service contracts.

Keep your vans parked up
Orion’s truly automatic automatic failover, maximum uptime and full portal visibility means far fewer call outs, resulting in massive cost savings for our IT partners.


Ripplecom is seeking Channel Partners with the capacity to help us introduce Orion to the thousands of businesses across Ireland who would benefit from always-on connectivity. For the right companies, this is a readymade opportunity to grow a profitable, sustainable business line with immediate returns. To discuss our Channel Partner programme and to see Orion in action, get in touch to book a demo at our Limerick Offices.

Learn more about the technology behind Orion

This brief white paper is a great introduction for IT professionals eager to learn more about the development and configuration of our Orion autofailover. 

download the white paper here
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