Orion: our always-on internet

Picture a connection that never leaves you down. With an Orion conjoined network from Ripplecom, you can relax knowing you will have ‘internet as usual’, no matter what is going on around you.

Downtime: the cost to your company

More connected devices, remote working and a huge migration of everyday office applications to the cloud all mean that Irish businesses have very little tolerance for downtime. On top of repairs and plummeting employee productivity, disruptions are a huge liability in terms of missed business opportunities, damage to reputation and loss of goodwill.

Large companies are painfully aware of just how costly internet outages can be. They often commission expensive infrastructure to guarantee resilience in case of network failure or unavailability. Ripplecom is now offering companies a much more efficient way to guarantee connectivity. 

Meet Orion: our always-on internet

With Orion by Ripplecom, owners and managers can relax in the peace of mind that, when an outage does occur, your company will stay fully operational. Orion is a much more cost-effective, agile and achievable alternative to wired redundancy for businesses who want to protect their connectivity. To find out exactly what is involved in achieving this protected up-time, contact us today.

Business as usual: how Orion works

1. Each Orion is created with two integrated connections: one primary and one secondary.
2. Usually, all internet traffic uses the primary connection.
3. An outage occurs affecting the primary line.
4. All connected systems and devices switch quickly and smoothly to the secondary line.
5. These systems and devices continue to operate normally for the duration of the outage.
6. Once the main connection is restored, your router will automatically switch back to the primary source.
7. Ripplecom remotely monitors both primary and secondary connections and clients receive a customised report whenever the autofailover is deployed

What makes Orion the best conjoined network on the market?

Using two diverse paths- one by land and one by air- our engineers created Orion  to help our clients stay fully operational amid a network outage.

Orion is uniquely engineered by Ripplecom’s own engineers to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream. This means if an outage occurs during a telephone call, VoIP conversations continue without dropping or delay.

The autofailover merges with existing architecture so that a primary network outage does not constitute a security risk. For businesses that process payments the segregated connection ports help vendors to stay PCI compliant and processing payments as usual.

The failover and fail back require no change to internal servers and no action on the part of the client or their IT provider.

Secondary connections are enhanced to maximise speed and keep all critical applications running.

Our team can install the compact physical autofailover unit in any premises, with minimal disruption or inconvenience.

Be prepared, plan for business continuity

Service disruptions and network faults are impossible to predict, but by talking to Ripplecom you can take control of your connectivity.

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