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Radio link consultancy

Microwave radios are commonly used to create high bandwidth connections between two fixed points. Such links essentially create private symmetric connections making dedicated Point to Point (PtP) radio links an excellent option for enterprises extending local area networks (LANs) and linking dispersed buildings.

Deploying these business-critical microwave radio links is a technically complex task. Availing of the experience and expertise of Ripplecom engineers will ensure the successful implementation of this communications solution. Our consultancy service encompasses all aspects of planning and network design to guarantee fully compliant, effective microwave link installation on new or existing sites. The dedicated PtP links we deploy are supported, maintained and monitored by our Senior Network Engineers. PtP connections are: 

– Suitable for distances from 50m to 50km
– Deliver bandwidths from 10Mb to 20Gb
– Ideal for multisite WAN/MPLS and creating a LAN bridge between dispersed buildings

– Planning and design
– Site surveys
– ComReg license applications
– Hardware
– Installation
– Support

Ripplecom’s turnkey microwave P2P radio service

Planning and design

At planning stage, Ripplecom will analyse the feasibility of your proposed connection. To optimise location, coverage can be predicted and interference analysed for all available paths. To enhance performance, optimum antenna heights and available frequencies will be recommended.

Site survey

Strong and effective microwave radio connectivity requires clear line of sight (LOS). Careful planning is essential to establish optimal LOS. Ripplecom offers preliminary feasibility studies using mapping data and the latest software programmes and physical on-site surveys conducted by our field engineers.

ComReg licence applications

Unlicensed or non-compliant possession or use of radio equipment is illegal and renders offenders liable for prosecution. Ripplecom is experienced in the preparation, submission and renewal of ComReg licence applications on behalf of our customers to ensure full and ongoing compliance.


Ripplecom engineers can recommend the appropriate radio communication equipment to meet any project requirement. Through our network of international vendor partners (including including SIAE, Ceragon, Cambium and Racom) we can source a complete portfolio of carrier grade equipment.


Ripplecom’s field engineering team are fully qualified technicians, riggers and electricians located throughout Ireland. The team can provide climbing skills and engineering expertise to install a radio service in full compliance with all health and safety guidelines.


Each dedicated link deployed by Ripplecom will be subject to our proactive network maintenance. Our corporate Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee accelerated response time should any issues be encountered. To ensure rapid resolution of any hardware issues, designated spares can be maintained in Ripplecom’s stores.

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