Important changes to our telephone service

Important changes to our telephone service

Ripplecom is making some important improvements to our telephone service. We are increasing the number of free anytime mobile minutes you enjoy from 50 to 120 each month. We are also cutting the cost of any bundle mobile minutes from 21 cent per minute to 15 cent perminute.

There will be no change to your telephone number, handset or how you make calls. Your monthly charge of €10.00  will remain exactly the same and you still get unlimited local and national landline calls.

From 1 November, if you exceed your bundle minutes, you will be able to keep making calls with no need to top up online. The cost of any out of bundle calls will be included in your next monthly invoice. Your Ripplecom invoice details the broadband, telephone and out of bundle charges on your account. These invoices are sent monthly to your contact email address and are available through our online Customer Portal. Any balance remaining on your pre-pay top-up account on 1st November will be credited back to you.

This change does not require any action on your part. Your telephone service will continue automatically. If you wish to discontinue your telephone service, you can do so by emailing<span”> or by calling 1890 747753 or 061 500250. Our Customer Service lines are open Monday-Friday, 9.00-17.30. Please note that this does not affect your Ripplecom broadband contract.