Manage your account online

Manage your account online

At Ripplecom, we know that our customers are busy people with hectic schedules and plenty of responsibilities to juggle. To make life a little easier, our secure online portal allows you to manage your Ripplecom account at a time, and a place, that suits you.

What can you do through the portal?
1. Avoid excess charges by monitoring usage throughout the month.
2. Manage invoices: view and download past bills at the touch of a button.
3. Pay online at your convenience.

Get your hands on these new speeds
Availability of 100Mb service, installation and service delivery are dependent on location. Our Customer Service Team will help determine if your home is in the coverage area. To order, simply phone Ripplecom on 061 500250 or visit

How to access the Customer Portal
To access the portal you need your unique set of log in details. You can request those log in details here.