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Our Service Delivery Team steps in to get you up and browsing as soon as possible. The team will contact you by telephone to arrange a date and time that suits you for our highly experienced, fully trained and insured installation team to call to your premises.

Either you or an adult (aged over 18) who has your permission to sign off on the work completed must be present for the installation.

Ripplecom connects residential homes using wireless broadband or FWA (Fixed Wireless Access). Watch our video about how it works here.

How Fixed Wireless Access works:

The subscriber unit or antenna is attached to the exterior of your building.

The Ripplecom engineer will then run a cable from the antenna into a room in your house by drilling a small hole just large enough to pass the cable through.

You can insert that cable directly into your computer. If you wish to make your home wireless in order to connect multiple devices, then you will require a wireless router.

A plug socket will be required near the internal connection in order to plug the equipment in. If a plug socket isn’t available, you’ll need an extension cable.

Much like a TV aerial, the antenna will be placed on a high point of your building to achieve the best possible signal. Our installers will mount the antenna as unobtrusively as possible on a roof or wall. Please note that if you are located in a listed or preserved building, additional permissions may be required.

Once you have a wireless router installed, the laptops, tablets and Internet ready devices around your home will be able to connect to your home WiFi network.

Yes, you can use your current email address with your Ripplecom connection. If you are using a mail client like Outlook, you will need to change your outgoing email server to smtp.ripplecom.net. Please take a look at our Step by step guide to changing your email server.