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New customers

1. Please visit our Coverage Checker.
2. Enter your address or Eircode.
3. If your location shows up in a green shaded area, we should be able to provide you with service.

1. Search your location in our Coverage Checker.
2. If you are in a green area, please call us on 061 500250 with your Eircode.
3. Our team will conduct a desktop survey using our advanced mapping software.
4. If this survey is successful, you can sign up to your chosen package quickly and easily over the telephone.

Ripplecom connects residential homes using wireless broadband or FWA (Fixed Wireless Access). Watch our video about how it works here.

How Fixed Wireless Access works:

High capacity radios transmit signals from our masts.

The mast closest to your home is known as the access point.

High capacity radios transmit signals from our masts.

To connect you, we need a clear Line of Sight between your premises and the access point.

Obstacles like trees and buildings will limit our ability to connect our service.

Using their specialised equipment, our engineers must be able to ‘see’ a clear path to the mast from your location.

If there is clear Line of Sight, our engineer will install a small subscriber unit or antennae at a high point on your house or building.

This unit is pointed at the access point.

The link between the access point and antennae allows data to be transmitted back and forth via a radio signal.

Line of sight: there must be a clear Line of sight between your premises and our mast.

Distance: distance from the transmitting mast may impact speed and signal.

Local obstructions: trees, buildings and other obstacles can block our service.

Following a desktop survey, an engineer visits your property to install your service. When the engineer arrives, the first thing they will do is perform an on-site survey to ensure a connection is definitely possible. In the unfortunate event that our engineers are not satisfied with the signal at your premises, they will not proceed with the installation. The installation charge, minus a €50.00 fee to cover the cost of call out, will be refunded to you.

No. Ripplecom broadband is brought to you using a wireless signal. You might consider signing up for one of our home phone packages, to eliminate line rental completely.

Our contracts are for a minimum subscription period of 18 or 24 months. After the initial subscription period expires, your contract becomes a rolling month-to-month contract.

Our service requires a wireless router, also referred to a cabled router. If purchasing a new device, please be aware that a router designed for a wired broadband supply will not work with our service.

We do not supply routers as part of our package. However, you can purchase a FRITZ!Box router from our team as part of the contracting process. Ripplecom routers are dispatched fully pre-configured so you simply plug it in. With a Ripplecom router in place, our Support Team will be better able to troubleshoot any technical issues you may encounter.

Our packages vary but most include a data cap. That defines the amount of data you can use in a given period without incurring additional charges. This size of this cap depends on the product you subscribe to. The usage cap is measured on a calendar month basis.

Customers can monitor their usage through our online portal. Our system will issue email notifications when you have used 75% and 90% of your data allowance.

If you exceed your usage cap you will incur additional usage charges. Additional usage is charged at €1.00 per GB. If you consistently exceed your usage, you may wish to consider upgrading to a package better suited to your needs. Please call 061 500250 or email customerservice@ripplecom.net and the team will talk you through your options.

The cost of installation depends on the length of the contract you choose. Our standard installation costs €149.00 with an 18-month contract or €99.00 with a 24-month contract so you can save €50.00 by opting in for just six months more. We will require up-front payment of the installation fee at the time of contracting.

A full site survey at your home or premises to determine Line of Sight to the nearest base station.

A subscriber antenna installed on your roof or building by a fully trained and accredited Ripplecom engineer.

A data cable and power supply unit delivered to the room of your choice where you can plug in your computer or wireless router.

Up to 3 hours of labour and 20 metres of cable is included in our standard install.

Signal strength test to ensure optimum performance.

Bandwidth management system is initiated to ensure minimum contention.