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Ripplecom’s phone service looks just like an ordinary telephone but the signal travels over your broadband connection instead of over telephone lines. This means you can enjoy huge cost savings on high quality, local, long distance and international calls. You continue to make and receive calls in exactly the same way as you do with your current telephone while saving hundreds each year in line rental fees.

Our voice enabled router is a router that has been configured to allow transmission of the Ripplecom voice service. With this equipment in place, you can make calls over the Internet using your existing telephone handset.

The router will be located where the Internet cable terminates in your home. Your telephone must be plugged into the router. If you use cordless handsets, the main base station will need to be in the same room as the router. Your other handsets will work anywhere else around your house.

The Ripplecom voice service includes a voicemail service as standard. To listen to your messages or record your voicemail greeting, simply dial 171 from your handset.

Simply dial *72 and follow the instructions.

Simply dial *73 and follow the instructions.

Our standard residential telephone service costs just €10.00 a month as part of a Ripplecom bundle. This includes unlimited local and national landline calls and 120  free anytime mobile minutes.

If you exceed your bundle minutes, the cost of any out of bundle calls will be included in your next monthly invoice.

All our out of bundle rates including our international call charges can be downloaded here: Ripplecom Rate Card.

Your Ripplecom invoices detail the broadband, voice and out of bundle charges on your account. These invoices are emailed to your contact email address. They are also available online through our secure customer portal. To access the portal, you will need your unique set of log in details. To have your unique log in details reissued, please email customerservice@ripplecom.net with your name and account number.