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Reliable retail connectivity

How long will customers wait in line if your till crashes and the credit card machine goes down? Consumers are going cashless, so a network outage means missed sales, disgruntled customers, idle employees and lost revenue. To help retailers protect their livelihoods, Ripplecom has designed an ingenious and cost-effective way to keep them connected.

The Orion by Ripplecom autofailover keeps retail outlets online and operating, with no disruption to trading, even during a major network outage. Named as ‘IT Project of the Year’ by the Tech Excellence Awards, Orion provides customers with two diverse Internet connections and truly seamless failover in the event of an outage.

No downtime, anytime
Evenings and weekends are some of retail’s busiest times. Contacting IT support outside of normal office hours can be impossible so peak time outages are a potential disaster. Orion’s automatic failover and enhanced secondary connection mean that owners and managers can relax knowing that, whatever time an outage occurs, trade can continue while the primary connection awaits repair.

Process payments as usual
Orion is uniquely engineered to allow traffic to continue in the same IP stream. This allows all connected devices, including tills and card terminals, to work normally throughout an outage. Ripplecom connections are secure and ports are segregated, helping vendors to stay PCI compliant.


A network outage would bring most retailers’ entire operations shuddering to a standstill within seconds. With an Orion in place, owners and managers can relax knowing that when a disruption does occur, their business will stay fully operational. Protect your business and your peace of mind: get in touch today.

Boost your business with robust retail connectivity

From PoS tills to security cameras, connectivity is mission critical for modern retail. Any disruption impacts operations and revenue. Learn how highly available, resilient connectivity can help you to safeguard revenue, enhance operations, secure transactions and maximise service for your customers.

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