Data networks are the single most critical component of a modern company’s communication infrastructure. At Ripplecom, we put decades of engineering know-how and infrastructural investment into every connection that we create.

Access to multiple technologies, including our own extensive network, means we are uniquely well-placed to design the best connection for our customers, no matter how straightforward, or how complex. Our particular areas of expertise are resilient connections for multisite networks, point to point connections, resilience for primary connections and private networks. Read on to find out how our Business broadband, Dedicated Internet access and Wide Area Networks can benefit your company.

Our connectivity products

Business Broadband

These days, fast, reliable business broadband is essential to connect to everyday applications, to other offices, customers and suppliers.

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Dedicated Internet Access

When connectivity is business critical, dedicated Internet access with synchronous speeds and guaranteed bandwidth is the only option.

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Multisite WAN

Our engineers specialise in the creation of private Wide Area Networks, precisely designed and built to meet your operational needs.

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