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Multisite enterprises

Your company’s network is your line to the outside world, connecting you to your customers and suppliers. But, just as importantly, it connects your employees and branches to each other.

Whether your organisation needs or already operates a WAN, Ripplecom can help you to create or transition onto a reliable and resilient multisite network that seamlessly brings users and branch offices together onto a unified, secure and strategic IT infrastructure. Make sure your set-up works for you: talk to Ripplecom about a private wide area network (WAN) with the speed and capacity to power all of your business sites.

Quite simply, any business operating across two or more locations will benefit from a private WAN – from chains of shops and credit unions with outlying branches, to companies with satellite offices dotted around the country.

What a Ripplecom private network can do for your business

Together, we will enhance internal communications, enable employees in different branches to access the applications they need with speed, ease, and reliability and do all of it securely.

Connect all outlying locations

By using multiple access technologies, every employee will have the speed and bandwidth they need to work efficiently. A different connection type can be deployed for each branch office if necessary – we will coordinate them within your private network for seamless integration.

Unlock the potential of cloud

Once all premises are hooked up to your headquarters, or directly to a data centre, your organisation is free to make the move to centrally hosted applications.

Protect operations with network resilience

With key applications in the cloud, the need to keep all your branches always-on is amplified. We can deploy primary and backup services to each site, configured with Orion, our managed autofailover which keeps all systems connected and operational in case of an outage.

Enjoy the ultimate security

Choosing an MPLS (Multiprotocol Label Switching) network can give your business the ultimate security by removing the need for on-site Internet access. Your distributed network can be configured with custom routing tables to facilitate site to site communication, and access to company networks, without ever touching the public Internet.

Simplify operations, maximise service

With our WAN as a service, you can consolidate your primary connectivity, back up, voice and security needs with a single provider. Under our enhanced corporate SLA (Service Level Agreement) your network will be proactively managed. Faults can be detected from our Network Operations Centre so we begin working on a resolution before you have even noticed an issue.

Talk to us

We have in-house experts who will manage each part of the process to deliver what you need on time and on budget. Start the conversation: for a no obligation discussion about your business network, get in touch today.

Call 061 500250, email or request a call back.

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