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Managed services

Ripplecom engineers install and manage industry-leading hardware on-site to handle multiple WAN feeds and to ensure our customers operate behind layers of robust defences.

The growing prevalence, speed, scale and increasingly high-profile nature of cyber-attacks means that most companies are aware of the need to protect their business. Ripplecom offers potent cyber security solutions backed by the considerable power of Juniper Networks.

Our security products

Standard Security

For our entry-level security, our engineers have insisted on an impressive array of firewall and application security features as a minimum.

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Enhanced Security

Our Enhanced Security offers dynamic protection against all known threats. It features Intrusion Prevention, Application Awareness and Threat Intelligence.

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Premium Security

Choosing Premium Security from Ripplecom leverages the latest advances in next-generation firewall technology and zero-day threat detection for your business.

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Why choose our security products

Security at a scale that suits you

Offered on-premise or via the cloud, our solutions scale according to each business’ requirements; starting with a managed firewall to protect your perimeter up to cutting-edge solutions primed to take on zero-day threats. Our security solutions are easy to activate and highly scalable, there are many advanced features available as easy add-on extras which do not require any installation.

Respected partners

At Ripplecom we offer our solutions on the Juniper Networks platform. A highly respected name in the security world, much of the Juniper hardware we supply can be configured as an all-in-one device. This means a single device handles your security, routing and switching. We also offer antivirus protection from top-tier partners such as Sophos.

Full reporting, total transparency

Regular reports, with easy to understand graphs and metrics, ensure you are fully informed of the threats your business faces and how your selected solution is performing.

Expert installation and support

Ripplecom engineers install security devices, configured to your specifications in line with our expert advice. Your premises is added to our system and monitored by engineers in our Network Operations Centre.

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