How Spica benefits business

Hardworking functionality

Spica delivers big business functionality at reasonable prices. Get your telephones working for you: help your customers reach the people they need and enable staff to work more efficiently with call routing, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menus, voicemail to email and many other features.


As a Ripplecom business customer you get access to the team in our Network Operations Centre. There is no need to pay for a separate support contract. As a hosted service, Spica’s software is automatically upgraded so you always have the most up to date version.

Crystal clear audio

The use of High Definition (HD) audio codecs make Spica’s call quality better than any service using traditional ISDN or copper telephone lines.


VoIP telephony grows with your business. Unlike the block buying nature of older voice services, adding users to your VoIP system is quick and easy. Also, your numbers and hardware are not tied to any physical location, so if you change premises, your phones come with you.


Spica sits safely within the Ripplecom core network. We route our customers’ voice traffic through secure, private connections which minimises the risk from hackers on the Internet.


Staff who are out and about can make and receive calls from their mobiles as if they were using their office extension number. Working from home is seamless. Employees can set up office anywhere with an Internet connection.

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Spica features and functionality

Our technicians will help to configure all of Spica’s functionality to ensure your system is fully operational from day one. Ongoing management is made easy via our web-based portal or you can always contact the Ripplecom Support Team to assist with adds, moves and changes.

  • Call block

  • Call broadcast

  • Call flows

  • Call forwarding

  • Call monitoring

  • Call pickup

  • Call recordings

  • Call transfer

  • Call waiting

  • Call records

  • Custom music

  • Custom call routing

  • Do not disturb

  • Enhanced caller ID

  • Fax to email

  • Intelligent call routing

  • IVR menus

  • Multi-user conferences

  • Hot desking

  • Queuing

  • Voicemail to email

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“IT Project of the Year” Tech Excellence Awards

Protect your VoIP telephony with Orion

By installing Orion, our award-winning autofailover technology alongside Spica, customers get full system redundancy and guaranteed continuity, so they never miss an important call. What makes Orion truly special is that both network connections are engineered to continue in the same IP stream so that ongoing VoIP calls continue uninterrupted, without dropping or delay.

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Latest Spica news

Spica by Ripplecom takes cloud telephony to the next level

April 8th, 2019|Featured, Spica VoIP Telephony|

Spica by Ripplecom is the telecom operator’s very own cloud-based voice service for business. Developed in-house by the team at Ireland’s only engineering-led operator, Spica is founded on the four pillars of security, resilience, support and cost savings.

What our customers say about spica

Spica by Ripplecom is a very flexible service. It allows us to do everything we need to do. The IVR helps members to get the information they want and reach the people they need. The club adds a new message to the system each morning with an update oncourse conditions. Staff are able to record this themselves and find Spica far easier to use than the previous system. Moving to VoIP with Ripplecom eliminated line rental costs and legacy charges. We now receive a single bill and when we need assistance, we have a single, responsive point of contact for any queries or support.

Dr Niall Corcoran, Technical Advisor, Limerick Golf Club

A history in voice

Ripplecom is best known as a data provider but the company has actually been delivering voice services since 2014. Voice was added to the operator’s portfolio when they connected Ireland’s first fibre towns in Ardee, Loughrea and Kilkenny.  As the team worked with various voice systems, the thought that “We could do this better ourselves!” did crop up. In most companies, that is where the story would end but Ripplecom’s engineers went on and created Spica. 

history of voice

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