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Contact Centres

Whether you need to set up a departmental-level helpdesk, or full-scale contact centre, Ripplecom can consult, deliver and configure the solution you need.

Our products incorporate all the functionality a business expects from a modern contact centre including audio conferencing, fully compliant call recording and storage options and advanced reporting capabilities. A system can operate independently or integrate with everything from your CRM system to social media to deliver optimal customer experience. We take everything from hardware to licensing into account to deploy systems with the lowest possible Total Cost of Ownership.

How choosing Ripplecom benefits your business

Superior service

Even in this digital age, voice calls remain pivotal to business operations. The exceptional level of service and accelerated response time that we promise our voice customers reflects the critical nature of voice communications.


Operating across a stable and secure network designed for maximum availability, combined with award-winning auto-failover technology, means that Ripplecom businesses are uniquely well placed to enjoy a reliable and resilient voice service.

Fully managed installation

Unlike other providers, with Ripplecom you don’t just receive handsets in a box. Our technicians come to you,to get everything up and ringing. To ensure you get the most out of your new system, our team will help you to configure new functionality and train your staff to manage it in-house.

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