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Converged communications

Consolidate your voice and connectivity requirements with Ripplecom

The quality of any VoIP service can only ever be as good as the data connection it uses. Voice traffic is much more sensitive than other data, demanding a consistently high-quality connection to prevent jitter or packet loss from severely degrading the user experience.

When you consolidate your voice and connectivity requirements with Ripplecom, we take responsibility for the entire user experience. By optimising the capacity and capability of your connection, we ensure that you enjoy a seamless call experience. Any issues that may be experienced are resolved quickly and painlessly by getting in touch with a single point of contact, with full visibility of your network.

See how convergence works for business

Business is better when your voice and data are with the same provider. Watch our short video to find out why.

Why choose Ripplecom’s Converged communications

Engineered call quality

Working with an engineering-led company, operating across our own robust and secure network, means you can expect in-built call prioritisation to guarantee sound quality as standard. Deploying voice services over your Ripplecom data connection allows us to manage bandwidth for guaranteed quality, with reduced latency and packet loss. By segregating ports at set-up and installation, voice quality is further protected and promoted.

Quality of Service: how we optimise your connection for voice

In IP telephony, voice and data share the same infrastructure. Quality of Service (QoS) is the process whereby Ripplecom engineers can administer the traffic on your network to ensure that critical applications, like business phones, are guaranteed high-quality performance. No matter how heavy the data load is on your WAN connection, Ripplecom will always ensure sufficient bandwidth is reserved to ensure perfect voice quality. Simply put, using VoIP via Ripplecom’s data network ensures top class call quality.

The ultimate security

Operating IP telephony means your voice traffic must be protected from online threats. Our customers’ voice traffic is routed from their premises to the national telephony network via our fully resilient core network. This enhanced routing protects our voice traffic by never touching the public Internet. Unlike other providers, Ripplecom guarantees that, when using our voice and data, all your traffic stays on net within Ireland with no transit to other jurisdictions.


Our business team will work with you to create a Data and Voice bundle that meets your needs and delivers the best possible value for money. Receiving a single, easy to understand invoice gives you total clarity around your communication costs.

“IT Project of the Year” Tech Excellence Awards

Protect your VoIP telephony with Orion

By installing Orion, our award-winning autofailover technology alongside Spica, customers get full system redundancy and guaranteed continuity, so they never miss an important call. What makes Orion truly special is that both network connections are engineered to continue in the same IP stream so that ongoing VoIP calls continue uninterrupted, without dropping or delay.

protect your voice with orion

Let’s talk voice

To discuss your requirements, or simply request a quotation, please telephone 061 500250, email or request a call back.

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