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Using our networking know-how, we have created Spica by Ripplecom our own cloud-based voice product. Spica delivers superior quality service, security and technical consultancy to our customers.

Rich in features, Spica by Ripplecom sits safely within our core network resulting in lower costs of installation and ongoing maintenance. The only on-site hardware needed will be IP phones, connected via a suitable router. Ripplecom’s voice service is delivered through regional partners as well as directly from Ripplecom.

Offering everything you expect in a business class voice provider; our in-house team has fine-tuned the functionality that our customers use most. Creating our own product means that, as well as responsive customer service and accelerated Service Level Agreements, we can promise value and flexibility and functionality. Explain to our team exactly what you need for your particular operation; we can combine or customise any of our long list of features to meet your business needs.

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is feature-rich telephone service that runs over a network (broadband) connection instead of over traditional copper wire telephone lines. Joining the move to VoIP allows businesses to modernise their telephone system without any considerable capital outlay. It also means that businesses of all sizes can get the most professional functionality without any of the usual costs that are associated with adopting and owning a state-of-the-art system.
Of course. All you need is a data connection and VoIP telephone handsets. Ripplecom can supply you with both.

Ripplecom’s voice technicians will work with a business’ existing hardware whenever possible. If that is not viable, we can work with any standard VoIP hardware of your choice. You can call on our experience and extensive network of suppliers to source the best value in feature-rich IP handsets, headsets and conference phones for you.

No problem. If you are currently in contract for your data with another provider, Ripplecom can still supply our voice service, integrating with your existing set-up.

Investigating voice solutions can mean navigating a sea of jargon and monotonous products. By choosing to talk to Ripplecom, you get expert insight on how to achieve the best possible outcome for your company. Our knowledgeable business and enterprise team are 100% customer-focused, ready to listen and advise. We also have a team of technicians and engineers who speak fluent tech and are happy to translate for you or to speak with your IT resource.
Our technicians are happy to help you ensure all this functionality is fully operational from day one. For example, we can configure:

– Extensions
– Voicemail
– Call Recording
– Call Forwarding
– Hold Music
– Hunt Groups
– Ring Groups

Ongoing management of your phone system is made easy via our web-based portal or you can always contact the Ripplecom support team to assist with adds, moves and changes.

How voice service benefits your business

1. Save money with cost-efficient technology

As well as minimising capital expenditure and removing depreciating assets from your balance sheets, a move to VoIP will cut operating costs by:

  • Eliminating costly landline and ISDN rental charges

  • Abolishing internal call charges

  • Bundling minutes to guarantee lower cost external local, national, mobile and international calls

Our business team will work to create a bundle that delivers the best possible value for your money. Manage your costs at a time and place that suits you thanks to online access to our new billing platform with its easy to navigate interface.

2. Crystal clear HD audio quality

VoIP may look exactly like your old telephone system but it sounds so much better. Employing High Definition (HD) audio codecs allows Ripplecom VoIP telephony to deliver call quality far superior to any service using traditional ISDN or copper telephone lines.

3. Work smarter with modern functionality

VoIP delivers a complete inbound and outbound communications platform with features a Plain Old Telephone System (POTS) could never aspire to. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) to greet and route customers, call recording, hunt groups and voicemail to email will all help your customers reach the people they need and enable staff to work more efficiently.

A call centre solution will allow you to do even more. It can, for example, integrate with your CRM to help your team deliver a better customer experience. A comprehensive suite of analytical and reporting tools will grant you new-found visibility of critical statistics to support your company’s strategic growth.

4. Future – proof: technology that grows with you

A totally scalable solution, VoIP telephony grows with your business. Unlike the block buying nature of ISDN voice services, adding users to your VoIP system is quick and easy. Also, your numbers and hardware are not tied to any physical location, so if you change premises, your phones come with you.

5. Simplified management and seamless switchover

For enterprises operating across a number of locations, our cloud-based voice system offers centralised infrastructure and administration. Our managed migration is designed to ensure the move itself occurs with minimal disruption. We can port your existing telephone numbers for perfect business continuity. To expedite changeover time, our devices are pre-configured and all hardware is installed on-site by our own technicians.

Voice your needs

Making a change to a vital part of your company’s communications is not a project to be undertaken lightly. There are many different factors to consider, from bandwidth to number management. An experienced provider like Ripplecom can help and advise you throughout your journey. Take the first step; call us on 061 500250, email or leave us a message.

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Spica by Ripplecom

Created in-house by our engineers, Spica delivers business VoIP telephony with superior service, value and security. As experts in connectivity and networking, we consider voice services holistically to deliver a better option for businesses. As a VoIP service, Spica has the potential to save businesses vast sums of money on hardware, line rental and call rates. Spica’s digital nature means that the system comes with a long list of features and functions, all included as standard. 

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