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Replace your clunky and costly old telephone system. A move to IP telephony makes perfect business sense. Cut operating expenses and eliminate depreciating assets for minimal capital outlay while gaining incredibly useful new functionality.

VoIP boasts features that a Plain Old Telephone System could never dream of. An Interactive Voice Response (IVR) menu greets and directs customers. Call recording, hunt groups and voicemail to email will all help your customers reach the people they need and enable staff to work more efficiently.

IP telephones are the ultimate resource for flexible working. All workers can be reached on a single system. Handsets can simply be plugged in at home or in the office. All functionality is immediately available with no need for set-up. 

A totally scalable solution, VoIP telephony grows with your business. Forget old services that force business to block buy numbers. Adding users to your VoIP system is quick and easy. Also, your numbers and hardware are not tied to any physical location, so if you change premises, your phones come with you.

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Introducing our Spica voice service

Sit back, relax for a couple of minutes and let our team explain our Spica system.

SIP Trunks

SIP Trunks are a great way to modernise a company’s telephone system. Businesses gain new functionality while making the most of existing infrastructure and cutting costs. Replacing legacy lines will cut rental costs by at least 45% and there is a 40% saving to be made on call charges.

Contact centres

Ripplecom deploys state-of-the art contact centres in partnership with the global power of Avaya. Expert installation and comprehensive training ensure you get the most out of cutting edge functionality and advanced reporting capabilities